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Is The Fox Nation Trying To Start A Race War?

Reported by Priscilla - May 29, 2009 -

Right wing “talking heads” frequently describe those who protest intolerance and bigotry as “America haters.” In their world view, liberals are “traitors” to an America which, as defined by the right wing, does not include liberals – or anyone else who doesn’t subscribe to the views and religion of right wing America. The Founders of the United States attempted to form a “more perfect union.” Abraham Lincoln presided over a war to keep the union together. Yet, the America of the Fox Nation is a place where division is encouraged and where hatred of other Americans is part of “the American Dream.” The Civil War ended over a century ago; but Fox Nation is a place where it is reenacted daily. Not only the Civil War, but the ugly vestiges of Jim Crow are present in the comments on the Fox Nation articles which provide a steady stream of information guaranteed to bring out a collective, racist primal scream. The election of Barack Obama is seen as a step towards healing the nasty sores of American racism. Yet, the Fox Nation seems to be ripping the scabs off the wounds. Would Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, be comfortable in Fox Nation?

Today’s crop of race baiting articles on Fox Nation is sure to bring out the Wallace wannabees from under the rocks where they have been lurking. The top lede asks the question “Why would the Justice Department Protect Black Panthers” and links to an article which discusses how the Justice Department dropped charges (the topic du jour in rightwingworld) against Black Panthers who allegedly harassed voters, at a Philadelphia precinct, during the last election. A video of the Panthers, at the polls, is included in the “Justice” section of the website. Not noted is the source of the video. The title is “Flashback, “Armed Panthers Patrol the Polls.” The comments that follow are (surprise, surprise) full of racist vitriol such as “DUHHHH.... Black President, Black AG, and you are woundering why the Black Panthers get off? Hello, anybody home? It is going to get a lot worse and is part of the reason so many are starting to arm themselves.” (Dave at 1:40PM). Snide remarks about ACORN are also included (shows that the Fox agitprop material isn’t falling on fallow ground). And speaking of ACORN, the fourth lede article is titled “Explosive Documents! Dangerous ACORN Census Partnership Revealed.” The thread links to a “Judicial Watch” article. Judicial Watch, which condemned the “murder” of Terri Schiavo, is a conservative group which receives much of its funding from the Scaife’s so there might be a bit of bias there? And here’s a little homicidal ideation from “Grace” at 1:22 PM: Just keep you gun handy when they come to your front door.”

The Sotomayor SCOTUS nomination seems to have upset the right wing white male community and Fox Nation gives them something to sharpen their pitchforks with: “Right-Wing White Men' Threatened 'World Domination Is Slipping”. The article discusses how right wing males are in a “supreme” panic and makes the valid point – “Why, when a white man wins a political seat or a court appointment, it’s all about merit? But when a nonwhite wins (Obama) or gets appointed (Sotomayor), it’s all about “identity politics” and tokenism?” Not suprisingly, the posters aren’t happy about about this and we have (drum roll please) the ante-bellum notion of how blacks should be so grateful – “time and again the white anglo saxon protestant government in Washington build housing, create jobs, offer scholarships etc. for the "minority" of populus in this country and they in return distroyed and ruined the very essence that was there to help them. You people wanted that in the White House...now you got it. God help us ALL.” (Pat Ham at 1:56) (Uh, Pat, hate to tell ya but there were some Jews and Catholics involved in the legislative process!) The “NBC News, No White Man Qualified For Supreme Court” thread has this genius: “What a b#%$h!!!!! No wonder no one watches that channel. Can you imagine what would happen if Gretchen or Megan said that on Fox about a black or hispanic man.” North Dakota didn’t see the video because Norah O’Donnell asked the old bigot Pat Buchanan “what if there weren’t any qualified white men for the job?” She didn’t say what is implied in the title of the thread. Not suprisingly, the tired old blacks are on welfare meme rears it’s ugly head from “Sweetie” at 12;30 AM: “Just think, Florida Guy, if white males become a minority they will qualify for government hand outs!! Aren't you lucky???”

A new thread in the “Justice” section has a picture of a black man who “had 21 children with 11 different mothers.” I can’t get into the comments section; but I know it’s just a repository of tolerance (just kidding!). The “Media” section included the video of Bill O’Reilly “squaring off" against ACORN CEO.

Comment: In reviewing the content of today’s Fox Nation, it is apparent that much of it consists of articles which show blacks negatively or, in the case of MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell, present a misleading title which conveys the notion that the “liberal” media is anti white. Given the commentary by the residents of this intellectual apartheid state, it isn’t surprising that hate crimes are on the rise. That the writers of Fox Nation would select topics that engender this type of bigotry is troubling. Why does Fox Nation hate America?
Video of “voter harassment.”

Yesterday's former Confederacy or today's Fox Nation?