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Fox Nation Caught With Their Partisan Pants Down?

Reported by Priscilla - May 28, 2009 -

About an hour ago, I checked the rest area for ugly Americans - otherwise known as The Fox Nation (which begs the question of whether they're really Americans or part of a seccessionist group of strange visitors from another planet) and found this headline: "Cocky Barack Compares Himself To FDR." (Do Fox Nation denizens know that George W Bush compared himself to Lincoln?) After inhaling the fetid stench, I left the area and returned just a few minutes ago and presto chango the lede headline is "Why is Obama Comparing Himself to FDR"? Could the answer to WTF? be the Media Matters post which referred to the Fox Nation "bias free" headline and which contained the screen grab? Is the Fox Nation actually responding to criticism from outside the armed compound? Is the "walk back" a tacit admission of biased and inappropriate "ledes?" Does the Fox Nation realize the inanity and hypocrisy of their ad which advocates "saying no to biased media?" I report, you decide!