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Fox&Friends& More Persecuted Christians

Reported by Priscilla - May 27, 2009 -

Fox News does love those contemporary Christian martyers who are fighting the good fight against the evil hordes of rampant secularism who, according to this latest story, are trying to take away the right for Christians to worship. Not surprisingly, Fox&Friends, in addition to providing a pulpit for the meme of persecuted Christians, provide affirmation for these martyrs. There is no pretense of journalistic objectivity from the Christian pals who nod their heads and voice agreement to whatever is said. (Yesterday, a Christian US rep from Georgia, in talking about his congressional resolution to make 2010 the “year of the Bible,” uttered the ridiculous statements about America as a Christian nation beset by evil secular forces. Not surprisingly Kilmeade and Doocy agreed with every idiotic thing that was said. There were no comments about church/state issues, just more affirmation!) And today, we have professional Christian Miss California, Carrie Prejean, and Steve Doocy affirming the story (which seems to have broken in the non partisan (just kidding) World Net Daily) of more persecuted Christians. Carrie and Steve’s affirmation provided a real “amen corner.”

Steve and Carrie provided a supportive environment to a San Diego pastor who, according to the WND article, claims that the county, after “interrogating” his wife about the prayer group, sent a letter stating that if a permit were not obtained for the meetings, a fine would be levied. After Steve summarized the situation, Carrie said “unbelievable.” (There is a future for her at Fox News!) The pastor and his wife were accompanied by their attorney, who is from the Western Center for Law and Policy. (This is a law firm which specializes in “Christian” cases and which represented the young man whom Megyn Kelly was proud of for his lawsuit against his Christian persecuting teacher. Carrie, as a supporter of non opposite marriage, must be proud of this law firm which fights against gay marriage!) As Pastor Jones talked about what happened, Carrie just shook her pretty head. They chyrons read “Freedom to Worship, county trying to stop home bible study” and “Faith Under Fire, couple warned against home bible study.” Doocy asked if it was correct that the county official said that more than 10 to 15 people at the house necessitated a permit. The pastor said that the county person “didn’t really say it that way…” That should have been the cue to ask for some clarification - however, Carrie then commented about how, when she heard this story, “she could not really believe it.” (Yeah, you and me both!) The chyron read “County vs. Christianity, couple must get permit for Bible study.” Carrie was “shocked” and asked if the first amendment still doesn’t protect our freedom of religion.” The chyron read “Freedom to Worship, home bible study under scrutiny.” Carrie said, “absolutely,” when the lawyer said the “Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves” about how a pastor and his wife are being told “that they can’t have a simple bible study in their home.” The pastor’s wife struck an ominous note when she said how this could affect bible studies across the nation. Doocy said that it was an “interesting case” that they would be monitoring (and so will I). Carrie wished them luck.

Comment: Not surprisingly, “Fair and balanced” Fox&Friends made no effort to get the county’s take on the issue unlike World Net Daily which “contacted a spokeswoman for San Diego County, who acknowledged the description of the incident seemed "bizarre," but who was unable to locate the details of the account. She simply could not provide comment yet, she said, until she could become familiar with the case.” But ,hey, who needs the facts when you’ve got propaganda to push and a meme to reinforce. Can somebody give me an Amen!

And for your amusement – the Year of the Bible guy