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Hannity Responds To Waterboarding Challenge By Smearing Ventura

Reported by Ellen - May 24, 2009 -

In an interiew with the Huffington Post, former Minnesota Governor and former Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura issued a waterboarding challenge to the never-served Sean Hannity. Hannity, you may recall, offered to undergo "dunking," which is how he publicly described waterboarding, despite turning tail and clamming up when MSNBC's Keith Olbermann offered to donate $1,000 to charity for every second Hannity could endure it. (Olbermann has since withdrawn the offer, calling it unnecessary.) Ventura, however, picked up the challenge, telling Huffington Post, ""I'll bet [Hannity] a thousand bucks that I can get him to say 'Barack Obama is the greatest president' -- if I get him to say it, he'll give the thousand to charity and if I can't, I'll give the money to charity." Hannity, showing just what kind of class act he is(n't), responded by smearing Ventura.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Hannity responded by saying, "The truth is, Jesse has become a dull guest who's trying to recapture his former political glory and sell his recently released paperback,'' says Hannity, calling Ventura a "great American,'' thanking him for his service as a SEAL and wishing him well in retirement. "Clearly Jesse swallowed too much water while surfing, which is how he now spends his time." (H/T TV Newser)

Funny, that's not how Hannity acted when he was sitting face to face with Ventura.