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Fox News Watch Promotes “Press One For English” Xenophobic Video?

Reported by Priscilla - May 23, 2009 -

I happened to be channel surfing, earlier today, and as serendipity would have it, I stumbled across Fox News Watch which has been demoted from its Saturday evening position to Saturday mid afternoon. After John Scott urged the viewers to send in examples of media bias (oh, the irony!) he showed a visual of the Fox Nation webpage. I waited with bated breath for what came next and was not disappointed. The show’s moderator, John Scott (Eric Burns, we miss you!) asked “why aren’t radio stations playing this song?” He then showed, for our viewing and listening pleasure, the comely and talented Kay Rivoli at the point of the “Press One for English” video in which she is holding the phone, looking quite verklempt (Oh, sorry, that’s not English!) and screaming (singing ?) “Hey why must I press One for English when it’s the language of this land.” Given the nativist sentiments of the Fox pundits (linked to in my earlier thread in which the song is discussed in detail), it’s not surprising that Fox News would reinforce right wing bigotry and propaganda. Fox News and Fox Nation – joined at the hip, separated at birth. It’s a family affair!!!! Why aren’t radio stations playing this dreck (oh, sorry!)? Why, indeed!

Note – if you want to submit examples of Fox Media Bias the e-mail is: newswatch@foxnews.com – Git er done!!!!! (ah, the mother tongue!)