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Gretchen Carlson Smears Child Fund International? Again?

Reported by Priscilla - May 21, 2009 -

Gretchen Carlson is a devout; but angry Christian. She’s still upset about how The Christian Children’s Fund changed their name and eliminated the word “Christian” from it. Now rather than just putting this under the blood of Jesus and moving on, good Christian Gretchen seems to be obsessing a bit over this – to the point where she, not so subtly, worked in gratuitous smears of Child Fund International during her interview with a man who is director of an aid fund that still, thank the lord, has “Jesus” in the title. On Monday, she interviewed a woman who was just so not going to contribute to Child Fund because of the egregious elimination of the word “Christian” from the group which was once the China Children’s Fund. I realize that there might not be any official commandment breaking here; but isn’t trying to defame a charitable organization, on national TV, a bit – ah – tacky? And not allowing anyone from the godless organization a chance to defend themselves – doesn’t that indicate that the Fox slogan is a lie – which is a commandment breaker. How could good Christian Gretchen work for such a news network?!

Once Fox gets a hold of a talking point, they reinforce it again and again. (Think "The Trouble With Textbooks!) Today’s Fox&Friends had a segement in which Gretchen Carlson was able to weave criticism of Child Fund International within the context of an interview with an appropriately Jesus loving aid group. She started off the segment with a direct hit on Child Fund: “The Christian Children’s Fund has recently decided to drop the word Christian from its name to SUPPOSEDLY broaden its outreach. Is that really necessary? Not for one organization. They’re proving that sticking with the name Jesus pays off.” (Memo to Gretchen: According to the Child Fund, the name change has nothing to do with money. Are you inferring that it did?) She then interviewed Mark Hanlon from Compassion International. The chyron read “Compassion International, Organization Keeps “Jesus” in Tagline.” (See, they’re not bad like the other group). Hanlon said that there have been some suggestions that they could change the name of the group; but they decided against it as it would work against their core values. Carlson found it “really interesting” as she did a prior story about the Children’s Christian Fund and “they felt the same pressure apparently and their board decided to take the word Christian out of their name” (second reference to the blasphemy) “as they said it would increase their donations.” Hanlon was very gracious as he did not use Carlson’s question to critique CFI; but rather discussed how his group functions. Once again, Carlson found it “interesting” and claimed that she has spoken to people who are “going to seek out a charity that did have “Christian” in it.” (Don’t give money to those other bad people!) The chyron read “Pride in Religious Roots, Keeping Jesus as Part of Tagline.” She asked Hanlon how much his donations have gone up during a recession and with "Jesus in your tagline." As he was speaking, the chyron read “Appealing to a Broader Base, Should Charities Drop Christian Ties.” (and the answer is…?) In case you didn’t get it the first two times, the chyron then read “Christian Children’s Fund, Charity Changes Name To Childfund.” As Hanlon spoke of how many children have been helped, the chyron read “Christian Charity Flourishes, Announces 1 Millionth Sponsored Child.” In case you didn’t get it the first couple of times, Carlson reinforced the message by thanking Hanlon and letting the audience know that he “refused to take the name Jesus out of their tagline.” (Not like the “other” one). The title of the video is “In The Lord’s Name.”

Comment: The gentleman whom Carlson interviewed seemed very sincere. He was there to talk about his organization (which has an excellent rating on Charity Navigator) and not to trash another aid group which, unlike his charity, is not based on a religious worldview. But that didn’t stop Carlson from using his group as a juxtaposition to the group that she is, for the second time, trashing and in so doing promoting the propaganda that Child Fund is somehow not worthy in the eyes of Fox&Friends. So far, she has made no attempt to interview anyone from the denigrated aid fund which has every right to change their name without disparagement by Fox&Friends. Was she trying to promote this group over Child Fund International? Or worse, is she trying discourage folks from contributing to Child Fund and thus impact their financial bottom line; because if so, that’s not very Christian. What would Jesus say about that?