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While Fear Mongering About The Importance Of States Rights, Glenn Beck Tried To Dictate To South Carolina

Reported by Ellen - May 19, 2009 -

Glenn Beck used South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's veto of stimulus funds as an excuse to fear monger about the federal government, suggesting, along with his sidekick Ben Stein, that they are out to take away states' rights. But in the middle of his grandstanding on the issue, "states' rights" champ Beck started meddling with items in the SC budget.

Beck started the discussion with Sanford by saying he “vetoed the stimulus funds in the state budget.” No mention that Sanford has alienated members of his own party by doing so nor that his veto will almost certainly be overridden by the South Carolina legislature. So much for "we report, you decide." And as for "fair and balanced," there was no Democrat or liberal to balance the three conservatives.

“Why should a firefighter or a policeman in California get a much more generous level of benefit than a firefighter or a policeman... in South Carolina?” Sanford asked, complaining that South Carolinians would be “bailing out” firefighters and policemen in California.

Maybe it's the same reason somebody who lives in say, California, might bail out homeowners hit by a hurricane or an ice storm in South Carolina.

Beck interrupted the discussion for one of his hammy orations of doom. He claimed that people are fleeing New York, New Jersey and other states that have “gigantic,” “out of control” income taxes and then melodramtically sermonized, “The government has got to stop the exit! They've got to block the exits!” He suggested that the federal government might just eliminate state taxes altogether (without explaining how such a thing might happen) “because we just all have to be in this together.” Beck moved on to say “It'll be the end of state rights.”

“I think that's part of the plan,” Stein said, without bothering to offer a lick of proof.

“I do, too,” Beck said. (What, no tears? I thought he loved his country so much he couldn't keep a dry eye at the very thought of this kind of thing.)

In moments, Beck had forgotten about Sanford and the stimulus in order to push his anti-America hysteria. “Do you believe... there is any kind of serious thought that 'Yeah, we could do that?'” he pushed Sanford.

Sanford declined to go there, claiming to give “people” the “benefit of the doubt.” He called it “just incredibly stupid policy.”

“Patriotic” Beck kept pushing. “How do you feel about the federal government coming in and basically saying... 'Forget about your government?'"

But before Sanford could answer, “states rights” Beck moved on to meddle in South Carolina's budget. Reviewing the budget, Beck mocked an item for a Capitol police force to protect “entrances to the legislature's garage,” “a provision that explores privatization of state-owned golf course parks... Why do you have state-owned golf courses in the first place?” Beck demanded.

“Amen to that,” a smiling Sanford agreed. He explained that while parts of the budget were screwy, he supported that particular provision.

Apparently, only a governor, not the legislature, and only the governance he approves of is included in Beck's worship of state's rights.