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Jesse Ventura Pwns Hannity

Reported by Ellen - May 19, 2009 -

There's nothing more satisfying on Fox News than seeing Sean Hannity get smacked down by an unapologetic opponent. Last night (5/18/09), Hannity was put on the defensive right away during his interview with Jesse Ventura and never gained the upper hand. Hannity was so desperate to counter Ventura's damning statements about the Bush administration that Hannity first said the country was better off at the end of the Bush administration than it was at the beginning, and then contradicted himself by saying that he had spent the last six years criticizing Republicans for spending too much. With video.

Some of the highlights:

At the beginning of the interview, Ventura said he doesn't like how Hannity bullies guests.

Hannity responded, “I don't bully. Oh, stop it.”

He doesn't bully? Who does Hannity think he's fooling? I didn't nickname him “Bullyboy” for nothing. Here are two interviews for starters. You can find dozens more by searching “bullyboy” on the site.

Ventura stood his ground, saying, “I get irritated when I see that at home.”

As they argued over Obama and the “mess” he inherited from George W. Bush, Hannity painted himself into a corner by insisting that Bush inherited a recession and Osama bin Laden from Clinton. Ventura asked, “You're telling me that the United States was better off after George Bush or before him?”

Hannity paused a second and said unconvincingly, “After.”

“Oh, my God... It's ridiculous,” Ventura said.

Hannity defended his answer by suggesting that Bush, unlike Clinton, has kept us safe. When Hannity asked “How do you stop (terrorists)?” Ventura shot back, “You pay attention to memos on August 6, that tell you exactly what bin Laden's going to do.” Ventura added that despite the memo titled Bin Ladin determined to strike in US, Condoleezza Rice claimed not to know we were in danger and Bush was on vacation. “Did you know he took over 900 days of vacation?”

“So what?” Hannity lamely asked (as though Hannity wouldn't jump all over Obama if he took off so much time!). “A president's never off.”

“This one was,” Ventura answered.

So how did Hannity next defend Bush? By attacking Clinton with one of Hannity's old lies, that Clinton had been offered Bin Laden “on a silver platter” by Sudan and turned him down. As I've previously posted, Hannity has been told repeatedly by Clinton administration officials, who were backed up by the 9/11 Commission, that this claim by former Sudanese officials is not true. Considering that the U.S. Department of State has designated Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism for more than a decade, you could say that Hannity seems to find terrorists more credible than his own country.

“So I don't want to hear lectures about George Bush and Bin Laden,” Hannity blustered.

Happily, Ventura was not one to be snowed by the likes of Hannity. “And George Bush was bailed out on one of his bad business deals by Salem Bin Laden, Osama's brother,” Ventura shot back.

Moving on, Hannity said, “This deficit is Obama's deficit.”

Ventura threw back his head and laughed.

“You just hate George Bush so much you can't see straight,” Hannity said, growing obviously flustered by his inability to cow Ventura.

“YOU can't see straight,” Ventura replied. “All you do is back the conservatives no matter what they do.”

“Wrong, Wrong.” Hannity claimed. “You haven't listened to me for five years, criticize the Republicans – six years, criticizing the Republicans for spending too much money.”

Maybe Ventura hasn't listened to Hannity for five years, but I have. And sure, every now and then he drops a line of criticism on the GOP – in between about a hundred attacks on Democrats – just like he did in this segment.