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Gretchen Carlson Whines About Poor Persecuted Christians – Again!

Reported by Priscilla - May 19, 2009 -

Fox’s Gretchen Carlson needs to don some body armor; because her protestations about how Christians are being persecuted make her into a crusader queen who is leading the armies of Fox News in the fight against godless "PC" liberals. Yesterday (May 18th) she took up the cause of those who are just so offended because the Christian Children’s Fund has changed their name and (ohmagawd) taken out the word Christian. That’s certainly enough to get crusader Gretchen suited up and ready to smite the persecutors of those who seem to revel in constant martyrdom. Pope Clement said that “God wills it” when he urged his followers on to crusade. Now the clarion call is Fox wills it!!!

The topic of the name change (now Child Fund International) was briefly brought up in last week’s Bill O’Reilly’s culture war segment where it was decided that it was just another instance of political correctness. Carlson, filling in for Monica Crowley, was slightly indignant. So not surprisingly she began the segment by saying, while looking indignant, that “this story might steam a lot of you.” She said that according to the organization, the change was for marketing purposes; but “guess what word they’re removing.” Not surprisingly she interviewed a gal, Liz Forman, who will be stopping her donations to the group because of the name change. When Forman said "it’s a shame that the Christian Children’s Fund has become part of the culture," Carlson noted “the PC culture that we talk about.” Ms. Forman sent a letter to the organization which, posted on a “traditional Anglican” website, to which the Child Fund responded with their explanation that the new name more accurately reflected their mission. Good Christian Carlson would have none of that. She noted that while people will say that the organization still serves children, “what is going to happen down the road” as a result of “caving to PC pressure” (Ah, the old “slippery slope!) Indignately, St. Gretchen asked if Christian won’t be “in the name of anything.” Forman predicted that Christian aid groups will grow because they feed the children spiritually and that folks will rise up out of their pews and say that they're not going to let Christianity become cultural road kill.” Carlson, indignately, said that she would have like to have been in the board meeting when they took “Christian” out of the title and asked how other donors felt about what she obviously considers an outrage.

Comment: Yet another “fair and balanced” Fox&Friends piece of agitprop. Absent were any folks from the agency formerly known as The Christian Children fund. If Carlson has bothered to look at the website, she would have found the explanation which seems quite legitimate. In fact, she might have learned that the original name for the group was the China Children’s Fund. The agency states “The name ChildFund International reflects the true breadth and international scope of our work and recognizes our affiliation with a network…” The reason for the name change is clearly not “PC” as Carlson would have you think. But hey, there’s a culture war going on and it’s time to take up the cross and get out the pitchforks for yet another mindless crusade!