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Fox&Friends Take Stephen Baldwin’s Opinions Seriously? Really?

Reported by Priscilla - May 18, 2009 -

Despite the lamentations of the right wing and Fox Nation, President Obama gave his speech and received an honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame. But that doesn’t prevent Fox&Friends to follow up with a shout out to their anti-abortion viewers by way of an interview with anti-abortion Stephen Baldwin who, unlike his more successful brother Alec, is making a career out of being a professional Christian. And there’s nothing that Fox&Friends loves more than a fellow, professional Christian with whom they can agree and thereby, once again, prove their “pro-life” bona fides. Just in case good Christians still support Obama, this morning’s Fox&Friends provided another reason why they should recant.

Stephen Baldwin was animated on this morning’s Fox&Friends. But that’s because he was talking the evils of abortion and Barack Obama. Not surprisingly, the Foxettes did not disagree!!! Baldwin immediately cited the new poll which shows that a majority of Americans now consider themselves “pro-life.” Naturally, he didn’t get into the details of the survey which show that a majority still support abortion in some circumstances. Once again proving that he thinks he’s teaching kindergarten or is just a simplistic fool, Steve Doocy said “there are more who say abortion BAD than the alternative.” Baldwin, who was kicked out of the American Academy of Dramatics for “personal escapades” said that Notre Dame’s honor to Obama was “strange” and predicted a “negative backlash.” Baldwin, in describing Obama, launched into a chorus of the Bee Gee’s “Jive Talking.” Baldwin said that there is no “common ground” on abortion. Gretchen Carlson did mention that Obama said that there should be a respectful conversation. Baldwin, mockingly, said he respected that; but what about “these lives being taken by abortion.” Being the good pro-lifer that he is, Steve Doocy said “absolutely.” (So much for journalistic objectivity. Does Steve know that not everybody agrees that abortion is murder?) If these clowns were “fair and balanced,” they might have asked if Randall Terry and his goons helped the cause. They might have asked how there can be discussion around medically necessary abortions and the issue of rape and incest. They might have talked about the necessity of comprehensive sex education and the availability of contraceptives – both of which are opposed by those who are “pro-life.” But no, they agreed with someone who thinks that God should take care of third world debt, can’t (despite his Christianity) recite the Ten Commandments, and says that free will is a lie of Satan.

The second part of the interview was an in depth analysis (just kidding) of Nancy Pelosi’s CIA comments. In between hits, Baldwin said that he would be praying for her.

Comment: Baldwin “palls around” with some folks who whose views, similar to Baldwin’s, aren’t exactly mainstream. But he is a pro-life Republican who supported Bush and McCain and a self described “Jesus Psycho” so he’s perfect for Fox&Friends! BTW, the title of the video is "Star Power" (LOL!).