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The Fox Nation War On Obama/Notre Dame Continues

Reported by Priscilla - May 15, 2009 -

Obama will be speaking and receiving an honorary degree on Sunday; but that doesn’t stop Fox Nation from continuing their inflammatory posts which encourage hatred towards the president. It’s ironic, don’t ya think, that when those who opposed George Bush were called un-American traitors by the same folks who are writing for and posting comments on Fox Nation. The Notre Dame “controversy” provides fodder for those who hate – I mean really, really hate – Obama (and those evil minorities and liberals who support him). Why does Fox Nation hate America?

Today’s crop of headlines is same old, same old. In the lede box there is this: “Is Obama trying to divide and conquer Catholics?” which is linked to an article by former Ohio governor and Christian right wing Republican, Ken Blackwell. Best comment: “OBAMA IS A HATING, POWER HUNGRY DIVIDER, THAT WANTS TO CONVERT THE NATION TO ISLAM !!!" ....................You people are truly nuts.”

The next one, under a picture of the Pope, has this: “Should the Vatican step in and disinvite Obama to Notre Dame? It links to a video featuring an anti Obama Catholic “pundit”, Michael Vortis, who is suggesting that the Vatican could intervene. But speaking of the Pope, I haven’t seen anything hightlighted on the Fox Nation website about the Pope’s visits to mosques and his comment about the two state solution in the Middle East. Hmmm….Best comment: “If the Pope doesen't step in to prevent Obama form ND Speach, I will never donate to the Catholic church or ever attend it again.” So I guess the pedophilia thing wasn’t a dealbreaker?

The third article, “Notre Dame Alumni withhold $14M over Obama invite” is to an article from a Catholic website in which it is reported that a group opposing Obama claims to have confirmed that $14 million in alunmi donations have been withheld. I’m not contributing a million to the RNC this year (see where I’m going with this?) And speaking of alumni, I haven’t seen anything, yet, on Fox Nation about the alumni who are really pissed off about Randall Terry’s obtaining a mailing list with their names.

The last item, “MSNBC castigates Notre Dame protestor” links to Brent Bozell’s “Newsbusters” (a very pious crew) which discusses how that nasty, evil Norah O’Donnell, from the nasty, evil MSNBC, grilled a representative of the conservative Catholic Newman Society (who joined praying hands with convicted anti-abortion thug Randall Terry) regarding the Notre Dame thing. O’Donnell had the nerve to bring up a new Quinnipiac Poll which shows 60% of Catholics support the Notre Dame decision and challenge Mr. Reilly about the hypocrisy of the protestors in their not having a problem with pro death penalty pols speaking at Catholic institutions. Best comment (and I hope it’s a “punk”): “O'Donnell that sounds like a catholic Irish name.What's she doing at NBC? All catholic democrats,catholics that work for the main stream media or for Obama should be ex-communicated.”

There’s a video that is on Fox News (to my surprise and to it’s credit) in which residents of the neighborhood abutting Notre Dame, who are angry about Randall Terry’s gang of merry anti-abortion pranksters (whoops, protesters) and their grisly signs, are interviewed. I don't see it on Fox Nation. But then Fox Nation speaks and prays with one voice. Fox Nation is a theocracy where signs of dissent are not tolerated. Did somebody say the Spanish Inquisition? Or is it the church of the poisoned mind?