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In Segment About Sykes' meanness, Miller Makes Sexist And Racist Jokes

Reported by Ellen - May 15, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On Tuesday night's O'Reilly Factor (5/12/09), O'Reilly hosted Dennis Miller to critique Wanda Sykes' performance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner held last Saturday. While the two complained about Sykes' meanness, Miller's "wit" included a racist comment and a sexist comment. He also criticized Wanda Sykes for not being a “pro,” and even managed to work in a swipe at Reverend Wright and universal health care. O'Reilly seemed to approve of it all. With video.

Miller said he thought Wanda Sykes was kind of funny, “for a girl . . . ha ha, that's a joke, Wanda . . . the way I look at Wanda Sykes - Man, I thought he was gonna bring Reverend Wright in - so Wanda Sykes seems like, uh, that seems like a respite from the sturm and drang. I thought he might bring Jeremiah down to do the gig.” You know, you think Fox has moved on to more weighty topics, like President Obama's wife's bare arms, or what he puts on his burger, and there they go, back to the same old, same old.

Miller said, “I think Wanda was probably eager to please. . . black comedienne, and you got a black President, I mean, can you imagine how much she needed to make him approve of her? . . . he was laughing his butt off . . . .” Hmm, a comedienne trying to make people laugh – a novel concept, I'm sure. Is it just me, or is it a little bit racist to assume black solidarity trumps all else? What's up, Miller, you think all blacks are from the same 'hood?

O'Reilly disapprovingly said, “Yeah, but it all went south . . . in the last ten minutes. The first fifteen minutes were fine, but then she got mean. And here's my question to you: The remarks about Limbaugh, about Sarah Palin, Cheney to some extent . . . were mean. And then they'd flash to Obama laughing at the meannness – I don't think that does him any good there, Dennis.” Well, yeah, I'd say the 23% of Americans who call themselves Republicans were probably offended; on the other hand, the 66% who approve of President Obama are more likely saying, "You go girl." On another note, O'Reilly failed to mention – while bemoaning how mean Sykes was – that Sarah Palin took quite a few below the belt shots at then-candidate Barack Obama in her RNC speech – and received roars of approval from the adoring RNC attendees. O'Reilly also didn't seem to think that maybe Cheney and Limbaugh might deserve some criticism for their slams of Obama. And I seriously doubt O'Reilly would have found Sykes such a meany if the jokes President Obama laughed at were directed toward, oh, Janeane Garofalo or Keith Olbermann

“Well listen, Cheney thrives on that stuff," Miller said. "It's like Dennis Hopper with the mask of Blue Velvet, he just eats that stuff up. But I would say this, I don't think she was a pro that night . . . I do know it wasn't pro, 'cause at some point you get hired and she didn't fill the requisite act for what they needed . . . they needed her to be edgy but to not make it feel weird. She obviously made it feel weird.” No, Miller, it's not obvious at all. Listening to Sykes push back against the hate-mongers was music to my ears.

“ . . . As a professional comedienne, she didn't come up to the mandate, but you know what, I think she could care less about the mandate, she wanted to make Barack Obama laugh, and when she went for the Limbaugh's kidney failures she killed it . . . it's not everybody's thing, but if Limbaugh does get renal failure I hope it doesn't happen under Barack Obama's national health care thing...”

This got a chuckle from O'Reilly.

“...'Cause they don't pay attention to that, it's always stuff like chronic fatigue syndrome, or 'I don't have enough diversity training' . . . but renal failure, I don't even know if that's covered under the universal plan.”

If you can't view the video below, here's a link.