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Fox Nation War On Obama/Notre Dame Escalates

Reported by Priscilla - May 15, 2009 -

Check out this new lede: "Unrest at Notre Dame! Is this what Obama wants?" Truly amazing – the University of Notre Dame invited Obama to speak at their commencement and receive an honorary degree so the rabid, Christian, anti-abortion Fox Nation uses the event to denigrate Obama every step of the way. The Fox Nation has gone from inferring that Obama is “targeting Catholics” to “Is Obama trying to divide and conquer Catholics” to the latest – insinuating that Obama wants “unrest.” The linked article merely reports on the arrests, made today, of those anti abortionists who have violated Notre Dame’s no trespassing order. Instead of being good conservatives and taking responsibility for themselves, the pitchfork gang is now trying to say that the “circus” that Randall Terry predicted, at South Bend, is really what Obama wants. Well, if that’s the case, these jokers are playing right into his hands. What part of “no trespassing” don’t they understand? You just can’t make this stuff up – wait a minute, if it’s Fox Nation, it’s standard operating procedure. Best quote: “Obama loves crisis and choas… he is trully the idolotrous Meesiah of which he professes and take actions as the mobb will give him authority the constitution doesn't grant.Dr. Allan Keyes is a great soldier for the one and only Messiah Jesus the Christ.This all leads to Obama nullifying the Church's authority on moral issues so he can pass National Health Care with free and open abortions for all. This must be the "damnation" Obama and Wright had planned and spoke of for America”

Update: Per the Hannity preview blurb, on Fox Nation, Alan Keyes will be a guest on tonight's show. As a result of today's arrest, he is now in jail until a hearing on Monday - so stay tuned!