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Hannity's Selective Objections to the "B" Word

Reported by Ellen - May 13, 2009 -

Another day, another Hannity hypocrisy. Last night's (5/12/09) offering, via Media Matters: Sean Hannity stated, "I would think that you wouldn't want somebody that calls a woman -- any woman -- a dumb 'b' ever on your show." Sure, but calling someone a "worthless 'b'" is OK, admirable even, judging from Hannity's treatment of "friend" Ted Nugent who used that term about Hillary Clinton (he also said she should ride one of his machine guns "into the sunset."). I'm going to email Hannity and ask him to explain the difference. It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Nugent was attacking Democrat Hillary Clinton whereas the "dumb b" comment Hannity objected to was about newest right-wing goddess (and topless model) Carrie Prejean, could it? I'll post any response... but don't hold your breath.