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Fox Nation Notre Dame/Obama Threads Encourage Obama Hatred And Racism

Reported by Priscilla - May 13, 2009 -

The Fox Nation coverage of the Obama invitation to speak and receive an honorary degree at the University of Notre Dame is getting copious coverage on the Fox Nation website. Every time that a Catholic bishop speaks out against the invite, it is immediately reported. A recent lede article had a picture of Obama in front of the ND logo with the word “Scandal” at the bottom. The link was to a Fox News article which reported on Catholic archbishop and Vatican big wig Raymond Burke’s criticism of the event and Barack Obama. Another lede was a link to an article from the Christian Broadcasting Network regarding Harvard Law Professor, Mary Ann Glendon’s refusal to accept the ND “Laetare Medal” because the university is honoring Obama. The headline, was “Wow, does this woman have guts.” But today’s top lede is this: “No Honorary Degree from ASU, then why one at Notre Dame?” next to a photo of Obama and the “fighting Irish” ND leprechaun (ironic as one of Obama’s ancestors was from County Donegall). The article is repeated further down the page. But back to the coverage – suffice to say it’s clear that the GOP conservative base is revved up with all the spin and bias which seem to be directed at fomenting hatred of Obama. Nice…

Fox Nation is obviously very concerned about the state of grace of America’s Catholics, the majority of whom support Obama, as their focus on the "sinfulness" of the Obama/ND invitation would seem to suggest. Every report that I have seen has been focused on how this invitation conflicts with Catholic values – despite a large number of Catholic laity and Catholic clergy who think otherwise and whose voices are conspicuously missing in the Fox Nation. The Fox nation asked “Is Obama Targeting Catholics?”– a headline linked to an article that merely reported on one bishop who objected to the invitation. But if the residents of the “nation” don’t go beyond the headline, it makes for some juicy propaganda. Another headline “Notre Dame Should Not Have Invited Obama” elicted this comment: “Why would a Catholic school want to hear a speech given by the anti-christ?????” The article referenced a Rasmussen poll which showed that Catholics are almost evenly divided – but the headline provided the propaganda point. Fox Nation linked to the website for students who are protesting Obama’s appearance (ND Response) and to an article, from a Christian website, that reported on ND students not attending the graduation as a protest against Obama. This thread elicited a racist “ebonics” comment: "Obama da best president evah. Obama is da bravest. He makes groan men like Hardball Matthews feel tingle up their legs. Welcome yo new Messiah ND. Bow to his awesomeness. Obama gonna smooth talk ya and take ya for a ride in his pimpin Air Force One.” The same poster “Obamahood” lead off the above cited “Scandal” thread with this: “Obama da gratest president evah. He change every thang. He got the power. He handle the Christians really good. Obama so Wrighteous dude.”

Comment: There must be some moderation on the threads because a call for Obama to be convicted of treason and executed by a firing squad is no longer there. But I don’t understand why the “ebonics” comments remain. If moderators don’t have a problem with this, it shows a certain – ah – lack of racial sensitivity, if not outright racism. While there was one “fair and balanced” video which featured wild Bill Donahue being his usual crude self and telling Rob Boston that, as a non-Catholic, he didn’t belong in the studio, the other coverage is decidedly anti Notre Dame – and that brings out the Obama haters including the “birthers” (those who claim that he was born in Indonesia and is a secret Muslim who hates Christians). What is missing is coverage of the arrests made, at Notre Dame, of Randall Terry, Alan Keyes and their band of goons pushing baby carriages with bloody dolls. Do ya think that Fox Nation would be cool with Code Pink trespassing on military property? I haven’t seen any coverage of the bloody fetus banner being flown behind an airplane flying over Notre Dame. Do ya think that Fox Nation would be cool with a gay pride rainbow being flown over Liberty University? Any mention of how George Bush's 2001 ND graduation appearance was after he presided over many executions - something not consistent with Catholic teaching? Any link to ND grad Monica Yancey who discusses the “sad intolerance” of the protestors who promised to make the graduation a “circus?” Do ya think that Fox Nation would be cool with gay activists threatening to do that at Liberty University? Any links to the ND Observer which has reports on other controversial speakers at their graduation and information on student groups who support Obama? Any mention of the pro-Obama students who, wearing tee shirts that said please “don’t ruin my graduation,” mounted a counter protest to the Keyes (who isn’t a Catholic) circus? Any mention of Father Kenneth Hines, of Boston College, who says the protest is a “political game?” Any link to Catholic publications Commonweal and America which support the Obama invitation?

The answer to the above questions is no. Fox Nation, as a representative of the conservative, anti abortion right wing, is using this issue to rev up the anti choice crowd. Fox Nation, as a representative of the Republican right wing, is using the issue to foster hatred of Obama. But if Fox Nation thinks that their coverage of this will make Catholics recant their support for Obama, run off to confession, and vote republican, that’s one Hail Mary pass that’s totally out of bounds.

For your entertainment, I’m including the video in which Bill (Archie Bunker) makes an ass out of himself – again!