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Megyn Kelly Provides Partisan Platform For Christian Student

Reported by Priscilla - May 11, 2009 -

Fox’s Megyn Kelly’s professional training is in law and not in journalism. But does that excuse her from interjecting her opinion into a “fair and balanced’ (just joking) interview? Aren’t journalists supposed to be objective? Ms. Kelly doesn’t seem to think so because in her interview, with a student who accused his teacher of being anti-Christian, she clearly took his side. Not surprisingly, this is Chad Farnan, the California student who sued his teacher for what he considered to be anti-Christian comments and whose case has become something of a cause celebre at Fox News and in Fox Nation. Fox News bills itself as a “fair and balanced” network; but this interview shows nothing of the sort. Although if the shows are “opinion shows,” (as Fox supporters say) rather than “real journalism,” then it’s all good….

As I pointed out in my earlier thread, the case brought by Mr. Farnan involved 20 statements, made by his teacher, that Chad felt were offensive to his Christianity. As one of the statements involved creationism, the Fox Nation site labeled the case as “creationist” when the statements spanned a range of topics. Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly discussed the case (transcript here) on “The Factor” where they were both quite indignant about how the judge (who hopefully isn’t being stalked by Jesse T Watter or receiving death threats from O’Reilly fans) ruled that only one of the statments was a violation of the First Amendment; but that the teacher (see last parenthesis) had a right to make the other statements as they were not considered constitutional violations. Kelly was a little indignant when she cited one of the statements ruled constitutional: "When you put on your Jesus glasses you can't see the truth"? If Kelly, an attorney, had read the actual court decision, she would have seen that the comment, read in context, was appropriate in the context of the historical lesson being taught. But who needs context if it’s propaganda (poor, poor persecuted Christian student) you’re after. Bill O’Reilly showed his partisanship when he said, “We're -- you know, we're proud of Chad and his family for bringing it in.”

Flash forward to today’s American Newsroom during which Megyn Kelly. Frowning, Kelly said that Chad Farnan was “trying to take a history class out in California (emphasis on “trying”). Now I ask you, is this a history class?” She then played the video (made by the student) of one of the teacher's statements (also shown on the TV screen) about conservatives wanting women to have babies until their bodies collapse and ending with the quote, “That’s not Hannity and O’Reilly, those people are just liars.” She asked “is this a history lesson?” (Note: the court quote does not include the reference to Hannity and O’Reilly). The chyron read “Student wins one count in suit for teacher religion bashing.” Megyn frowned again when after noting the partial victory, she said “but what about this school district and this teacher, is he still teaching, you bet he is and that teacher is speaking out.” (Are death threats far behind?) Kelly offered her “congrats” on the victory and said that although it wasn’t “as great scope as you would have liked, it was a victory, nonetheless…” The chyron read “school stands behind teacher in church bashing case.” Kelly talked about how the teacher just went “on and on” and even said that “there was as much case that God created the world as the spaghetti monster.” (The court determined that the statement, in context, was “… to distinguish generally accepted scientific reasoning from religious belief…”) Judge Kelly wanted to know if the court judge “went far enough.” Farnan’s attorney, Robert Tyler (from a law firm, Advocates for Faith and Freedom, whose specialization “protecting religious liberty” includes fighting gay marriage and fighting on behalf of a doctor who refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian) was pleased with the outcome because “what’s great about this case...it is the first case in the country where we are pushing back “ But here’s where “the rubber hit the road – Tyler says “the ACLU and their allies have done everything they can to push God out of the classroom, to come against teachers who might express their faith in the classroom. But we’re pushing back.” Tyler said that his group is making sure that tax dollars are not going to be spent “pushing atheism.” Kelly said that Farnan was “gutsy” and the other people who were offended “didn’t have the guts to do what you did.” Kelly read the actual “spaghetti monster quote” and appearing to toss the paper aside said, indignantly, that “some judge said that’s fine, that’s not an attack on religion.” (Once again, no context). Kelly read the teacher’s comment that he’s not going to do anything differently. Farnan inferred that the teacher was pushing an agenda and should be “out” if he can’t tell right from wrong. The final question, from Kelly, was – ready, set, go – “Do you think this teacher should be fired.” Not surprisingly, the answer was yes. Kelly said that “obviously was not in the cards; but we applaud you for standing up for your own beliefs.”

Comment: While the ACLU and those who utilize their services are reviled by Fox News, those who engage the services of a conservative Christian law firm, in order to press their constitutional issues, are just fine. Did Megyn Kelly “applaud” the lesbian California student who sued the school when she was targeted with gay slurs and threatened with rape and murder? That Fox News is not “fair and balanced” was demonstrated by this totally partisan interview in which Megyn Kelly congratulated and applauded a "gutsy" student who scored a “victory” in the culture war which Fox is constantly pimping. Megyn Kelly’s bias slip was there for the world to see.

BTW, Megyn – Contraception and society’s attitudes towards it are significant issues in US and World economics, sociology, anthropology, biology, and yes – history.