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Misleading Headline From Fox Nation?

Reported by Priscilla - May 9, 2009 -

“Student Wins Creationist Case Against Teacher” is the headline in the “Justice” section of the Fox Nation website. The headline would seem to imply that the case concerned the teaching of creationism in the classroom which, according to several SCOTUS decisions, is unconstitutional. However, upon going to the actual article one sees that the case involved 20 allegations of “offensive” (anti-religious) speech made by a California teacher. The remark about creationism was the only one cited by the judge as being a violation of the First Amendment. Inflammatory and misleading headlines can serve a propaganda purpose regardless of their veracity as has been shown in the Fox Nation whose readers (such as they are) probably don't go beyond the headline which provides them a moment of validation.The right wing is losing the "culture war," but you wouldn’t know it from reading Fox Nation which aims to keep its readers (such as they are) in a state of blissful ignorance. John Delicath sums it up nicely when he states that the Fox Nation, as a part of Fox News, “delivers just what you’d expect.”