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Fox Nation’s Inflammatory And Inaccurate Headline Foments Anti Islamic Bigotry

Reported by Priscilla - May 9, 2009 -

Not only is the headline “Queen’s Medal of Honor Scrapped To Appease Muslims,” inaccurate; but it provides the good “Christians” at Fox Nation (which, like the mythical America that Fox Nation has seceded from, is a “Christian Nation") a chance to spew some rather un-Christian hatred and bigotry. If the Fox Nation is a place for the American Dream, then this American Dream is one in which hatred is a “family value.” As such, the Fox writers know their demographic quite well and certainly seem to be pandering to it. The Notre Dame "controversy" provides lot of opportunity for the “nation” to talk about Obama as a “baby killer” and even the anti-Christ. The Miss California threads are chock full of homophobia. But this latest thread has brought out some really nasty bigotry and paranoia. If the writers of the Fox Nation deliberately pick these stories, knowing the response, they truly have no shame.

The inflammatory headline is linked to a report that a medal, established by Queen Elizabeth II, awarded to residents of Trinidad and Tobago, has been withdrawn because “groups representing the Caribbean islands' Muslim and Hindu communities - which account for around a third of their 1.3million-strong population - had argued that the words 'Trinity' and 'Cross' were 'overtly Christian'. They also said the use of a cross insignia was offensive.Five British law lords, all members of the Privy Council, have ruled that the honour breached the right to equality and the right to freedom of conscience and belief.” So that’s it then – a matter pertaining to Britain. But this is red meat for the pitchfork crowd whose love of Jesus seems to go hand in hand with hatred of Muslims.

Paranoia - “Did this medal cause millions of muslims to consider their religion inferior to Christianity?! What is the objection? Soon churches will be barred from dislaying crosses on their lawns, rooftops and doors because it "offends" muslims. Aren't the peaceful and loving muslims able to accept anyone or anything that is different from them? No ccompromise with these people- it is their way or no way.”

Some requisite Obama hatred – “sharia law is coming soon in England, then America with the help of obama.”

“Mom in MA” want Brits to be outraged - "Words can not convey how outraged I am about this and the fact the sheeple are still asleep!"

Eugenics rears its ugly head – “We can hope that the non Muslim English will want their liberty and freedom again instead of being shackled and rise up and push back the push by the muslin attempt of takeover. this will consist of non Muslim out populating the uncontrolled muslim birth rate” – Have more white, Christian babies, quick!!!!

Deep and homicidal thoughts from “Iron Mike” – "The Muslims want Jihad with us. They have declared Jihad on us. America, Let's give them Jihad and rid the face of the earth from this evil cult of hate and death.. America are not the enemy,Islam is the enemy.” This is the kind of good “conservative” which the Department of Homeland Security is unfairly profiling!!!! This is a hate crime waiting to happen. And all because of a British medal for Trinidad and Tobago.

Mom in MA wants to join the crusade – “Whoooo Hooo! And lets give them Jihad now!!!” Hopefully the FBI is monitoring Fox Nation.

Robert J wants blood – “When will people stop kissing the tan ass of Muslims? Maybe it's about time we stopped handing out "crosses" and start nailing a few of them to it.”

But Vern sums it up for Fox Nation – “Never hated anything in my life untill lately. Now I am beginning to hate Muslims, Homosexuals, and all liberals. I have to admit, you lefties did a damn good job of dividing a nation. But if it came down to war between you and me, I'll take all you gutless cowards to Hell and back. I am beginning to hate all of you sick bastards.” No, Vern, it’s the kind of crap peddled by Fox Nation and hate radio that’s dividing this country. But I understand, your hate filled way of life is no longer acceptable and you’re angry.

And Fox Nation just fuels the anger, ignorance, and bigotry in providing a forum for the same kind of folks who were the heart and soul of Jim Crow - a "nation" for people who, according to Steve Doocy, “love America” – and hate everbody who doesn’t share their anger, ignorance, and bigotry! Be proud Fox Nation because you are the face of the conservative, Republican party and the reason why in the eyes of a tolerant and diverse United States of America, you’re a sad and sick minority!