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Megyn Kelly Validates Rep. Steven King’s Accusation That Democrats Are Protecting Pedophiles

Reported by Priscilla - May 6, 2009 -

That Fox News provides a forum for what’s hot in the right wing blogosphere is underscored by their treatment of the newest right wing “outrage” about how the hate crimes legislation, passed by the US House of Representatives, is protecting pedophiles (among many other "sins" as defined by the radical right). The video of Bill O’Reilly’s take on the issue is titled “House Dems Defend Pedophiles Over Vets” – no “Cavuto Mark” but a statement of fact that Democrats protect pedophiles. And today, we have Megyn Kelly’s interview with Iowa Representative Steven King, who is making the same claim. Fox claims to be "fair and balanced." Their reporting on the hate crime legislation is – well – not so much! But the title of the video, “Protecting Pedophiles,” does have a question mark!

Today’s piece from Megyn Kelly provided a forum for US Representative Steven King to spout a bunch of junk about the hate crimes bill passed by the House – a bill that is opposed by many conservatives. So it’s not surprising that Fox is throwing more red meat to the pitchfork crowd who are so well represented with Steven King. Let’s stroll down memory lane for a few King classics. He recently called the Black and Hispanic Congressional Caucuses “separatist groups.” He compared the Abu Gharib abuse to “hazing.” He supports anti gay discrimination in claiming that the Employment Non Discrimination Act will force business to hire gays. He said that homosexuality is just a behavior and that marriage is not a civil right. But my personal favorite is his statement that if Obama won the presidency (he did) the terrorists would would “party.” (they didn’t) So enter, stage very right, Steve King into an interview with Fox’s Megyn Kelly about how the Democrats are protecting pedophiles.

King is unhappy that the Democrats voted down a GOP amendment to the Hate Crimes Bill requiring language that the term sexual orientation not include pedophilia. This was done because sexual orientation is already defined by statutes and that definition doesn’t include pedophiles. Kelly introduced the segment by referencing “conservative bloggers” accusations that the Hate Crimes Bill protects pedophiles and as such, the debate has “taken a stunning turn.” She said, inaccurately, that the Republicans tried to strip language from the bill that protected pedophiles. (Wrong). Looking quite grim, Kelly said “all of the Democrats voted against it, on the same day that the same committee slapped down the same protections from veterans." So the stage was set for Peter King, “the man who tried to block the protection of pedophiles” to further push the propaganda. She said, "So the members of this committee voted…to protect pedophiles, but not veterans. Is that true?" Kelly then framed the “leading” question as to make King look like a right wing hero: “You thought it would be a good idea to make sure, since they were adding sexual orientation, to make sure that pedophilia doesn’t get swept up into “special protections…and every Democrat voted it down.” The chyron read “House Dems to Protect Pedophiles, Not Veterans.” (Wrong) King then made the absurd statement that “within the definition of hetero and homosexuality by the American Psychological Association, you’ve got a whole list of proclivities, they call them paraphilias.” (Whoa, wait a minute, the APA’s definition of sexuality says nothing about “paraphilias” which are defined in the DSMIV which is done by the American Psychiatric Association.) To satisfy a minimal “fair and balanced” stand, Kelly referenced Representative Tammy Baldwin’s comment about how the amendment didn’t protect pedophiles. King claimed that Representative Alcee Hastings read a list of paraphilias after which he (Hastings) stated that all of them were protected under this law. Kelly said “so he does think that they’re protected” and King agreed. (Rep. Hastings poked fun at the list of paraphilias in the amendment and DID NOT say that they should be protected. His testimony was readily available on May 1st) King then babbled about a list of 547 sexual proclivities that I could find nowhere on the APA’s website. Kelly launched into full propaganda mode with her outrage that “this is incredible, you’ve got senior Democrats on the Committee saying… that pedophiles are protected under this act. We got a problem” and then cited a hypothetical situation where a father who attacked the pedophile who abused his child could be arrested under “this ambiguity.” To her question of what can be done to shut this down, King encouraged viewers to contact their Senators whose staff’s time will be wasted as a result of Fox News’s aiding and abetting misinformation peddled by a right wing zealot. King, in supporting protection for Veterans, said that this was necessary because Texas Republican Rep Louis.Gohmert was spit upon when he came back from Vietnam and a young veteran was beaten, at a Toby Keith concert, because he wore an Operation Iraqi Freedom tee-shirt. Gohmert’s claim is spurious and the tee shirt vet got into a parking lot fight with another vet over insults about the other’s military units.

Comment: No Democrats were available for rebuttal – just 6 minutes of Steven King who as a purveyor of bizarre, unsubstantiated, right wing homophobic (gays are pedophiles?) propaganda, is perfect for the unfair and unbalanced Fox News.

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