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“Fox Nation” Says Miss California Topless Pics Are “Teenage Modeling Photos” – Oh, Really??

Reported by Priscilla - May 5, 2009 -

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has become the new poster child for the Christian right wing. She is being heralded as a new Joan of Arc, defending “opposite” marriage from the vicious onslaught of the evil, liberal “gay agenda” which seeks to undermine American family values and destroy virtuous Christian “opposite” marriage. That a Miss anywhere is really supposed to be inclusive in her world view doesn’t seem to hold for Miss California who, following in the footsteps of another famous homophobic beauty queen (Anita Bryant), has set forth on a godly path towards the salvation of traditional marriage. She is perfect for Fox News and the “Fox Nation” – she embraces right wing values and whines a lot about how she is being persecuted for her religious views. Fox does love a suitably Christian martyr as has been shown by all the discussion about “attacks” on Miss California. But funny, I didn’t think that the kind of Christianity, touted by Fox, was into women strutting their stuff and topless, teenage photos. Maybe these “Christians” aren’t the prudes they seem to be and are really, under the covers, quite bacchanalian – Go figure!!!

Fox News promotes “family values” and never wastes an opportunity to talk about “godless” liberals. Christian paragons of virtue, like Bill O’Reilly, see liberals contributing to the “slippery slope” of the erosion of family values He states that “all over the USA, secular-progressives are on the move, promoting gay marriage, legalized drugs, unfettered abortion, and attacking almost all judgments on personal behavior.” But Fox provides a safe haven for those who defend school prayer and demonize Planned Parenthood. Yet, at the same time, they love the scantily clad Hooters Girls and lingerie models. One assumes that the culture that promotes abstinence wouldn’t be too happy about topless teenage photos – especially of the new spokesmodel for traditional marriage – who was last seen parading her scantily clad body at the Miss USA pageant. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but isn’t “modesty” part of the Christian thing? Well, I guess if you’re a Christian teen, it’s all good.

It seems that a topless photo of Carrie Prejean has surfaced. According to sources, there will be more. While the recently released pic is nothing different from that of Miley Cyrus (and didn’t the right wingers accuse the photographer, the highly acclaimed Annie Liebovitz, of somehow duping Miley into posing topless?) the other pictures might not contain the little pink bikini. Hmmm, Bill O’Reilly says that liberals attack all judgments on personal behavior; but I betcha that if these were pics of a liberal Miss California, Bill-O would be making a serious judgment about how they proved that liberals were oversexed degenerates. He would probably be accusing the photographer of child porn! But spin is everything and Saint Carrie is now doing the poor, poor me thing in saying that the photos – get this – “were sold surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site that openly mocks me for my Christian faith." (WTF????) She goes on to say that the attacks on her and others who "speak in defense of traditional marriage" are intolerant and offensive.” (And campaigning for an organization that promotes fear and intolerance isn’t offensive? Excuse Me?)

“Fox Nation” is very concerned about this abusive treatment of a right wing icon – so concerned that the headline (third down on the lede) says “Teenage Modeling Photos Released…For Defending Marriage.” (Such a heavy cross…) The link is to an article which contains her press release about the “attacks.” The “Fox Nation” doesn’t seem to realize that Carrie Prejean is not “defending marriage;” but rather, actively campaigning against same sex marriage. But here come the pictures and Carrie Prejean claims that she is being persecuted and that’s the meme that “Fox Nation” is running with. The pictures are surfacing because not only is she a hypocrite; but so are those who are promoting her. Prejean is manipulating the media for her chance to promote a conservative cause so if she’s upset about the “attacks,” boo, freaking, hoo. Michael Rowe says it best: “No one has silenced her, or denied her the right to her opinions. If she had been as shocked by the response to her stance as she claims to have been, surely the thing to do would have been to hold her head high as first runner up, continue to represent California with grace and dignity, and cleave to her stated charitable platform like a lady instead of hinting, with Machiavellian aplomb, that the judges denied her the Miss U.S.A. crown because she spoke “from her heart’.” I’m sure that Fox will continue to promote the martyrdom of Miss California and in so doing expose their strange and contradictory world of evangelical Christianity and nearly naked Christians. It will give Christian Bill O’Reilly a chance to view the pics and think good, pure Christian thoughts while denigrating the licentiousness of liberals. Move over Sam the non plumber – Carrie Prejean is the new Queen of all things bright and beautiful! But what would Jesus say about teen topless pics?

And a couple of more things – “Fox Nation” also wants to know why Perez Hilton is “lashing out at Miss California.” But the most important thing – here’s the photo.