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Beck Moans That Republicans Are Too Far Left

Reported by Ellen - May 5, 2009 -

Glenn Beck opened his discussion about whether or not the Republicans have really been shifting to the right by moaning, “I can't take the media anymore saying that the Republicans are moving too far right. The Republicans haven't moved! And the reason why they're losing their base is because they're too far left!” But the evidence which suggests otherwise was not given to the "we report, you decide" network. With video.

Guest Andrew Klavan said, “This is the media's agenda... tempting the GOP to become what it once was, a minority party basically there to sort of trim the edges off the radicalism of the left... Whenever anybody runs on a true conservative agenda, he wins.” (You mean like Steve Pearce in the swing state of New Mexico? He called himself a “consistent conservative" and lost the Senate race by more than 20 percent.)

Klavan groused, “The media is in the business of enticing people like John McCain into the middle.”

So McCain's positions are due to being “enticed” by the media?

Beck asked why there aren't more “true conservatives.” He said he couldn't think of a real “conservative contender out there.”

Klavan admitted they were “harder to find” (though he cited Republicans Eric Kantor and Jim DeMint). Klavan said that being a conservative takes courage. “In order to step up for conservative ideals, which means American ideals, which means Constitutional ideas... you're going to have to take an onslaught of media attacks."

Beck, always ready to offer his own life as parable for something significant, compared Republicans to his distaste for drinking “lite” chocolate milk. “I'm not gonna go for “lite” chocolate milk and that's what the Republicans have become. It's progressive lite.” He challenged Republicans to offer “a real solution.”

But that's a tough task what with those one-sided media, the “popular culture” and the “academy that's indoctrinating our kids,” according to Klaven. “It takes a particular courage to... say 'Hey, guess what. You're living in the Matrix.'”

Beck then began preening about the importance of his show last Friday. Beck thought the show indicated “There is an earthquake coming. I think the paradigm is about to change because people are waking up.”

But a poll of 2000 voters taken during and immediately after the November 4, 2008 election shows a vastly different story. Republicans think they lost because they were not conservative enough but the electorate as a whole thinks Republicans lost because they are too conservative. Open Left breaks down the numbers and they couldn't be clearer.

Klavan and Beck can blame the media, the schools, the popular culture or whatever all they want but the majority of Americans – those whose voices matter in a democracy – are not with them. They have soundly rejected conservatism.