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"Fox Nation" Headlines – Ignorance, Bias, Or Just A Skewed View Of The World?

Reported by Priscilla - May 2, 2009 -

We know that “The Fox Nation” is a one stop center for those whose love of America is about hating all those deemed anathema by the ruling Inquisitors of the 21% who consider themselves “real Americans.” (This week’s Doonsebury did a great piece of satire on that crowd this week. My link allows you to view today’s cartoon and plug in past day’s installments.Go back to Monday and check each day’s edition for the week of April 27th). But shouldn’t the headline writers at least try to connect their material to something – anything – remotely accurate? Snark is one thing; but total inaccuracy is another. I do hope that they’re going for the red meat propaganda bite; because if their headlines reflect their view of reality, it shows a perspective that is as warped as those who read and comment on the site. The Fox Nation does seem to be a place where the laws of physics (Damned Marxist science!) don’t apply; and as such, it’s not surprising that things are seen differently. As a “foreigner” in the “Fox Nation,” I guess I just don’t understand.

Yesterday, I did a piece about the headline which claimed that attacks on Miss California were attacks on average Americans. The reality was that MSNBC’s David Schuster asked some questions about possible hypocrisy on the part of the new promoter of “traditional marriage” – an “attack campaign” done on his Twitter. My headline for today is classic “Fox Nation” in that it is short and punchy and aimed right for the reptilian brain center of the average Fox Nation resident. In the “Media” section, the headline screams “CNN slams religion.” Wanting to read more about this egregious attack on “religion,” I jumped over to the actual link and found the article which described, on the CNN website, the result of a recent Pew survey which found that “Churchgoers more likely to back torture.” (Hmm, sounds like the Fox Nation congregation!) So the headline is a complete LIE. CNN did not “slam” religion. It merely summarized the result of a recent survey. But as a short propaganda statement it is brilliant as it reinforces the meme that the “liberal” media, of which CNN is a part (didn’t know that Lou Dobbs was liberal), hates the good Christian folks of the Fox Nation. Did the writer of the headline not understand the CNN piece or did s/he just want a short information bite guaranteed to rev up the pitchfork crowd who probably won’t bother to actually read the article.

The writers on the website also seem to have a problem with keeping current on their stories. They still have Jon Stewart’s picture with the accompanying headline "Jon Stewart: Truman Was A War Criminal." Uh, Hellooo, Jon Stewart apologized for his comments on Thursday night’s Daily Show. You might want to update your article. But hey, if it’s propaganda you want, what’s the point of making a correction if it works against the message which in this case is Jon Stewart is an evil liberal, blah, blah, blah.

But at least “Pregnant Woman Running From Bear Hit By Car” has some connection to reality.

And question to Fox Nation writers - Don't you have spellcheck? cuz "Video: Tea Party Partcipant Ticked Off at Obama Swipe" doesn't make the grade!

“Fox Nation” – as was said at the beginning of the Twilight Zone show, “another dimension of sight and sound.”