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O'Reilly and Miller Can't Tell One Political Radical From Another

Reported by Ellen - May 1, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On Wednesday night's (4/29/09) O'Reilly Factor (April 29th), O'Reilly hosted the “Prince of Perspicacity,” Dennis Miller, to let Miller give him his daily dose of arcane metaphors and boring humor to expound on the media coverage of President Obama's press conference. But the highlight of the segment was when Miller was so “perspicacious” he mixed up his Bobby's – and O'Reilly didn't know enough to correct him. With video.

Miller made his entrance with the usual nonsensical fanfare, caroling, “Evening Officer O'Reilly, thanks for letting me up to the adult table tonight . . . first off, I gotta say to Colmes... What's with the anal retentive need for closure on war against insane people? I mean, it's war, it's not Stratego . . . he's probably already down in the West Village in his L-shaped studio padding around in his feetie jammies checking expiration dates on all the Yoplaits in his fridge . . . .” This bit of Miller Madness was prompted by some comments by Alan Colmes in the previous segment about torture. But as an aside, I couldn't help but notice that Miller's eyes kept straying down to the left. Could it be – is he using a teleprompter?

O'Reilly pointed out “how many Americans agree with Alan Colmes and President Obama.”

“They” [for those not familiar with Fox-Speak, that means liberal loons] say, “No way we're ever gonna rough these guys up, because it's making our country into a terrible place,” O'Reilly commented.

“Listen,” Miller piped up, “I'll take that waterboarding thing a lot more seriously when they stop making it mandatory for our guys in the SEAL program . . . You know, we can't do it against these nuts . . . .” Oh, right, Miller, it's exactly the same thing. The SERE program (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) is conducted under controlled circumstances. The recruits are, in fact, free to leave. As Malcolm Nance, a counter-terrorism and terrorism intelligence consultant for the U.S. government’s Special Operations, Homeland Security and Intelligence agencies, said in 2007, “These techniques . . . are not dangerous when applied in training for short periods. However, when performed with even moderate intensity over an extended time on an unsuspecting prisoner – it is torture, without doubt.” Nance also said that “the military's encyclopedic knowledge of these techniques was paid for in American blood because it was gleaned from former POWs tortured . . . .” Considering that the crucial elements that differentiate the voluntary undergoing of waterboarding from torture are consent, control, purpose, trust and short duration, it's pretty clear that the differentials of a volunteer recruit in a volunteer army change the whole experience.

“By the way,” Miller blustered, “I think he was talking about Ward Churchill there, the pres', 'cause that doesn't sound like Winnie to me, for God's sakes.” Does Fox News really hate honorable people? Miller was talking about President Obama explaining at the press conference that Britain's Winston (“Winnie,” to Miller) Churchill refused to allow the torture of Nazi prisoners during World War II even when Britain was under nightly German air attacks. Obama quoted Churchill as saying he would not allow torture because he feared behaving in such a manner would “corrode the character of a country.”

“That was not good,” O'Reilly intoned. O'Reilly talked about loving England, going to London in a few weeks, and said, “but this is not the place to say they don't use torture.”

“Let's go chat up Bobby Seale's family,” chuckled and chortled Miller, “I think I remember that being a little rougher than some people do.” Damn, Miller, I didn't know you had those kind of street creds, being hip with the Black Panthers. Sure, go chat up the former Black Panther leader Bobby Seale's family – you know, the African American civil rights militant, the guy who was one of the original Chicago Eight defendants charged with rioting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, a guy who followed Malcolm X. I'm sure you're dripping with sympathy for Black Panther Seale. Except, Miller, I think you really meant Bobby Sands, the political prisoner in Belfast who in 1980 went on a 65-day hunger strike and ultimately died. (But maybe you do have a soft spot for the Black Panthers, what do I know?)