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The “Fox Nation” – Haven For Haters?

Reported by Priscilla - April 30, 2009 -

Fox just can’t get over the fact that Miss California didn’t win the pageant. The contest was held on April 19th; yet two Miss USA topics are included among the top headlines for the “Fox Nation.” The American right wing does love to play the martyr as reflected in today’s top headline: Enchanted Evening, Did Miss California Get Tougher Questions?” This question is, however, just a tease because it links to the video of Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg discussing last night’s Obama press conference. The fourth headline, which has been up for a couple of days, reads “It’s all about tolerance,” do you agree? Irony alert, Irony alert!!!! While Carrie Prejean did make the comment about tolerance, her current activities would suggest that she might be talking the talk – but not walking the walk. But the real irony is that the blog comments on this topic are totally not about tolerance at all in that they are, for the most part, about hatred and homophobia. Gotta love those “Fox Nation” family values.

The article, which is linked to the headline, is from the Washington Times and details Miss California’s “new cause” which is promoting traditional marriage. In order to “promote” traditional marriage, she has signed on with a PR firm that specializes in “Christian focused communications.” She will be visiting that great beacon of tolerance, Liberty University and will be appearing at the National Press Club on behalf of the very tolerant National Organization for Marriage. (Maybe she’ll be in their next “scary” video!). But she did say that she needs to be tolerant of Perez Hilton and she will be “protecting” traditional marriage. That’s nice. What the article doesn’t include is the statement from the co-director of the Miss USA Pageant, Keith Lewis, who said, "In the entire history of Miss USA, no reigning titleholder has so readily committed her face and voice to a more divisive or polarizing issue.We are deeply saddened Carrie Prejean has forgotten her platform of the Special Olympics, her commitment to all Californians, and solidified her legacy as one that goes beyond the right to voice her beliefs—revealing instead a much more opportunistic agenda."

So it does make for what could be an interesting discussion about beauty pageants, the role of beauty queens, the appropriateness of Hilton’s question, and same sex marriage. Not surprisingly, the Fox Nation denizens took it down the low road. The comments also reflected, once again, that the Fox Nation is Christian – and not exactly MENSA material. Here’s a sample:

Profound biblical eisigesis from SR: “As christians we tell the truth and whether you can accept it or not is your choice. Homosexuality is a sin and will always be, no gay person will ever enter heaven. Look at what happened to solomon and gomorrah. God does not like homosexuality and he also does not like gay marriage”

Strong support for civil rights from “John”: "It has been my experience that those that call for equality never truly want equlaity what they want is to be given an advantage over everyone else"

A deeply insightful and intellectual argument for tolerance from “Randall”: "I feel that the moment you decide to accept a deviant lifestyle, you are accepting all that goes with it. If yo choose to be a homosexual and decide to live that way you cannot expect everyone to acknowledge and accept your decision and be treated the same as everyone else"

Religious tolerance at its finest from “Retired”: "The issue is not about tolerance. It is about morality! God called the act of homosexuality "detestable,"

But this sociological treatise is my favorite because it provides the Fox Nation answer to the question asked in the headline, “It’s all about tolerance,” do you agree?

From “No Tolerance” -
"Tolerance? What do you think started this mess were in right now? Tolerance! We’ve been told to be tolerant of everything. Tolerant of abortion, gay marriage, muslims, people who don’t speak English, illegal aliens, liberal ideals, big government, foreign countries who hate us, on and on and on it goes. I’m sick of being tolerant. If you can be convinced to accept something you once didn’t, it’ll be easier to slip one more thing in, then one more, then one more. Before you know it, here we are! America is going down the tubes. By the end of Obama’s term America will be unrecognizable. All because of tolerance. Quit tolerating everything and have a spine. Stand up for what you believe and don’t settle for the crap you’re being fed. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Get it?"

Steve Doocy says that the "Fox Nation" is a place for people who "love America." And this, folks, is a proud citizen of Fox Nation whose views would seem to be validated and affirmed by the all the tolerance promoted by Fox News. Gotta love those "Fox Nation" “family values.” It’s all about tolerance, do you agree?