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Glenn Beck "Reflects" On Obama's 100 Days

Reported by Ellen - April 30, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, that superpatriot who "just loves his country so much" that he bursts into tears at conveniently dramatic moments, put together a video being touted by Fox News as Glenn Beck Reflects on Obama's 100 Days. It turns out that Beck's "reflections" are his three favorite moments of the Obama administration to date. So what important milestones did "America-loving" Beck choose? The inauguration of an African American? The expansion of children's health insurance? The decision to close Guantanamo Bay? No, Mr. Patriotic chose three of the most insignificant news stories in the past 100 days, but three that just happened to give Beck an opportunity to ham it up at Obama's expense: The handshake with Hugo Chavez, a teleprompter mix up and the low-flying plane/photo op.