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Dennis Miller: Tea Partyers Are The Only People Obama Might Want To Waterboard

Reported by Ellen - April 30, 2009 -

Was there ever a less funny, less telegenic comedian than Dennis Miller? How he got a regular gig on Fox News, I'll never understand. Last night (4/29/09) Miller was in a “comic” dither over President Obama's mocking comments about tea partyers and Fox News - sure to be replayed ad nauseam on Fox - in which he made the serious point that he's happy to have a serious conversation with them about cutting health care costs. Sure enough, Obama's larger message was overlooked in favor of bashing him for “insulting” Fox and the tea partyers. Funny how sensitive those Fox fellows can be. Miller has called Obama “Osama Obama,” and jokingly implored him, “Don't hold it against us that we're not terrorists,” but Obama told a town hall meeting, that on “certain news channels, on which I’m not very popular... you see folks waving tea bags around” and he's accused of hating America. I have no doubt this will be milked for days or weeks. Heck, Glenn Beck might even have a crying jag over it. With video.

Miller, introduced by Bill O'Reilly as the “Duke of Droll,” opined, “It seems like my man (Obama) bends over backwards to take care of everybody's feelings except one thing...” Miller then took off on some unfunny, not very coherent (at least not to me) riff about Obama wanting to be with the “swells” and the “cool kids” and not “the squares,” meaning, presumably, that Obama thinks he's too cool for the tea partyers and that it's all just like high school - in the 50's or 60's.

“I don't like the laughing at the tea bag people,” Mr. Newly Sensitive Miller said. “I think he looks out at that Norman Rockwell, hoi polloi demo – and those are the only people he MIGHT want to waterboard... You go out of your way to receive the anger and animus of every freak on the planet earth. Let's let these 2-250,000 Americans who just feel a little overwhelmed by government intrustion have their day. You don't have to make fun of them, man.” From there, Miller took off on a rant about developing “rhino skins” against his supposed barbs.

Bill O'Reilly seemed to want to offer some well-intentioned balance but he did so by suggesting that Obama has never been criticized “ever... now he is.”

Never been criticized? Now THAT'S funny. O'Reilly must have forgotten most of 2008 when you could hardly turn on Fox News without hearing about Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers (and let's not forget ACORN).

But the sad thing is that Obama was making a serious point -- that he's happy to have a real dialogue with his opponents -- and it was not even acknowledged. I doubt that it ever will be on Fox.

If you can't watch the video below, here's a link.