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Swine Flu? Blame The Illegals!

Reported by Ellen - April 29, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On Monday's (4/27/09) Your World, New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan (R-former Bogota, NJ mayor) scapgoated illegals for the swine flu! Lonegan admitted that there was no evidence illegal immigrants had caused the spread so far but, he insisted, they might. Even host Neil Cavuto seemed upset. Here are the "highlights." With video.

Lonegan said, "This is a warning of one of the potential major problems of uncontrolled illegal immigration. Not only the economic problem, the stress it's putting on our welfare programs, on our school systems, particularly in the state of New Jersey, but the potential people always talked about – that is, illegal aliens coming into this country untested, unhealthy, bringing disease."

Cavuto noted that Mexican immigrants would not explain cases in Europe or Russia.

Lonegan, missing the point in his zeal to smear Mexicans, said we don't know whether Russians traveled to Mexico or if Mexicans may have gone to Europe.

Cavuto said, "You're scaring folks.” Apparently, Lonegan has long been avidly anti-immigrant. But, Cavuto said, “Now you're attaching it to this thing (the swine flu). That's a little weird, isn't it?"

Not surprisingly, Lonegan disagreed. Then, in an unrecognized moment of irony, he cited a need for leaders “who aren't going to panic over this thing.”

Cavuto called Lonegan's views on immigration “very, very sound and very well reasoned.” But, Cavuto said, it's “not quite so sound and not quite so well reasoned” to attach “what could be” an airborne pandemic to “something that might not at all be the case (that the disease is the result of illegal immigrants bringing it to the U.S.) ..You're making it up."

No, no that's not what he thinks, Lonegan told Cavuto. It could be the case. "I'm saying that illegal immigration is a threat, a potential threat to our health by those carrying diseases."

Comment: Yes,you can test everyone coming into this country to see if they're carrying anything unhealthy, but to blame illegals for swine flu is stupid! There's no proof that illegals brought this here. High school students at St. Francis in Queens, New York are recovering from getting the flu in Mexico, not illegals bringing it in! Furtherore, the CDC statistics show that more than half the cases in the U.S. to date come from non-border states; the state with the most number of cases, New York, is the one farthest from the border.