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“Doom Room” Beck Complains About Obama Scaring Americans

Reported by Ellen - April 28, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, whose stock in trade is fomenting fear in his audience, can't seem to stand it when anyone else does it, even if it's inadvertent. At the end of his show today, Beck took to the air with a sanctimonious self-importance that would have made Sean Hannity jealous. After first declaring that the theme of his show was “something is wrong” (as if today were different than any other day on Beck), Beck said, “Something is wrong when we don't take proper precautions on the border when there's a fear of a swine flu pandemic.” In other words, viewers should worry that we'll be overrun with contagious Mexicans. Never mind that more than half the cases in the U.S. to date come from non-border states and the state with the most number of cases, New York, is the one furthest from the border. Nevertheless, Beck's voice rose with hammy outrage as he lied to inflame emotion against the Obama administration – by accusing them of “choosing to panic New Yorkers” with the low-flying plane “photo op” that scared so many. It was undoubtedly a bone-headed, insensitive mistake. But there's no evidence that the Obama administration chose to panic New Yorkers. Why say such a thing unless you're trying to scare your viewers again, this time about our president? With video.

Beck wasn't done with his fear mongering for the brief segment, either. Mr. Sensitivity went on to accuse the government of “ramming through a green tax of cap and trade,” “fail(ing) to recognize natural law and avoid(ing) the Constitution and (running) General Motors and banks.” And in case that wasn't alarming the viewers enough, Beck said, “Let's be clear, our country is changing in fundamental ways. Are we paying attention?”

Then, after attacking Obama again, this time for overusing a teleprompter, Beck put on his sincere face and asked theatrically, “Can we not just have an honest dialogue with the President of the United States... anymore?” Noting that tomorrow is Obama's 100th day in office, Beck furrowed his brow, as though in deep thought, and did a little more fear mongering. “This may be the road that we're on. It is the road that we're on. But where does this road lead?" Straight to hell, Beck obviously wants us to think. And fear.