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Bill O’Reilly Vs. “Family Guy”

Reported by Priscilla - April 28, 2009 -

Like his fellow culture warrior, minder of other people’s business, determiner of decency, and arbiter of morality Brent Bozell, Bill O’Reilly is upset with the satirical cartoon, “The Family Guy.” Taking a page from his fellow tight derriered grand inquisitor, Bill used part of his “Reality Check”(“Where we look out for you by correcting the record”) segment, last night (April 27th) to whine about yet another attack on our way of life as we know it. (sexual harassment – not a problem!) But wait, isn’t “The Family Guy” part of the Murdoch empire? Oh, no, say it ain’t so. Is Rupert Murdoch contributing to the decline of American values? How can America’s Big Daddy stay in the employ of a company that encourages media degeneracy?

Bill began the segment in typically paranoid style – “As our ratings rise, the attacks on Fox News are increasing. Left wing frustration boiling over even on the Fox Broadcast Network.” (Hey Bill wasn’t the whole teabag movement a result of right wing frustration boiling over?) Naturally Bill accused the person “who runs” the show (Seth MacFarlane?) of being a “far left zealot.” Bill ran a segment of the show which was about Brian’s (the dog) campaign to legalize marijuana. Part of the plot involves Peter (the father) doing an anti pot video which has Hitler smoking a joint and calling for (Peter’s voice-over) the murder of the Jews. Peter’s voice over has Hitler say that he came up with the idea because he was smoking pot. Lois’ dad, who watched the video with Peter, then gets a phone call from Fox saying that they “own the rights to Hitler and don’t want him slandered.” After playing this part of the show, Bill, looking grim, said, “it doesn’t get any funnier than that.”

Comment: Ahh, poor Bill. Maybe he can call for a boycott. Wait a minute, according to the LA Gossip Examiner (and who knows if it’s true; but it’s fun) “an insider at Fox News claims there was a strong rumor that Bill O'Reilly was getting ready to call for a boycott of the show Family Guy because he believes the show displays women in a degrading way, encourages animal abuse, and does just about everything else to degrade the morals of our society.” The inference is that Fox ixnayed the idea because it wouldn’t look good for a Fox pundit to be calling for a boycott of a Fox program. Who knows? What we do know is that Bill O’Reilly, far right zealot, uses his nightly program to attack whoever is his liberal enemy du jour. Unlike “The Family Guy,” it’s not satire and not funny. But once again, Bill’s reaction shows that he can dish it; but he just can’t take it. Man up, Bill, it’s only a cartoon – just like you!

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