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Bernard Goldberg Criticizes Obama For Not Taking "The Moral Position” Of Using Torture

Reported by Ellen - April 28, 2009 -

Sean Hannity must have thought he struck political gold last night by accusing Nancy Pelosi of lying when she said she wasn't briefed on the CIA's “interrogation techniques.” Ignoring, as he usually does, the questions of who ordered the torture and the other details surrounding our treatment of prisoners, Hannity developed a sudden fascination with this one aspect of the controversy. And instead of interviewing anyone with any real knowledge of the situation, he brought on Bernard Goldberg. After attacking Pelosi, Goldberg joined Hannity in tarring Obama as a friend to our enemies by suggesting he was not moral enough to use torture if it would save American lives. With video.
With video.

“Witness after witness after witness” Hannity crowed, all say that Democrats knew specific details that “enhanced interrogation” would be used and “they enthusiastically supported it, encouraged it and actually questioned if they should go further.”

If Goldberg has any credentials regarding Capitol Hill, they were not disclosed to the FOX News audience. He was introduced merely as the author of a book (which I refuse to plug by naming) about so-called liberal media bias.

But that didn't stop Goldberg from opining that if Pelosi “called me up personally and told me the sun was going to come up tomorrow morning in the east, I would check it out.”

Hannity chuckled heartily.

Goldberg went on to make the dubious claim that in 2002 there were “very, very few” politicians against “enhanced interrogation.” But media expert Goldberg didn't seem to think it necessary to explain how he knew such a thing. Goldberg went on to speak contemptuously about a truth commission on torture. “But if we're going to have one, fine. Let Nancy Pelosi be the first witness, under oath to tell us what she knew and when she knew it.” If she's found to be lying, “Prosecute her. Plain and simple. Prosecute her for not telling the truth.”

Hannity heartily agreed. In the Orwellian world of Fox News, torture should not be investigted (much less punished) but lying under oath is a major crime.

Getting up on his high, Hanctimonious horse, Hannity again hypocritically accused the Democrats of “politicizing national security.” Then he once again all but begged our enemies to attack us by trumpeting how much more vulnerable to attack we are now.

“At least tell the American people how these efforts were successful,” Hannity said. Yet, in his eagerness to defend the techniques, Hannity has yet to tell his viewers of the “we report, you decide” network how they were not. To quote from the New York Times, “They (top officials in the Bush administration, the CIA and leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees) did not know that some veteran trainers from the SERE program itself had warned in internal memorandums that, morality aside, the methods were ineffective.”

Goldberg bragged that he's against “enhanced interrogation” methods 99% of the time. “I'm against them to punish jaywalkers... and litterbugs... to even punish the most vile, hatefilled terrorist... But if by using these methods, it would prevent... or foil a terrorist plot and save thousands of American lives, Sean, the moral position is to use these enhanced interrogation. That's the moral position.”

Assuming that only torture could save us from the terrorists, Goldberg went on to suggest that Obama's opposition to torture was anti-American. “Please, Mr. President, please. Tell us what American values would be upheld if you needlessly allow thousands of Americans to die, needlessly, because you didn't want to use these tough interrogation methods.”

Hannity sounded happy as a clam. There was not a drop of remorse evident as he said that former CIA Director Porter Goss said, “Obama has aided Al Qaeda.” Instead, Hannity, who just two weeks ago vehemently supported Texas Gov. Rick Perry's threat of secession, sounded downright hopeful as he asked Goldberg, “Do you think those charges could be valid?”

Despite Goldberg's tough talk. I could find no indication that he ever put his torture-loving behind in the military nor that he has any national security credentials whatsoever. Nevertheless, Goldbeg announced with certainty that the release of the photos would be a “public relations bonanza” for the bad guys.