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Arlen Specter Switches Parties, Fox Immediately Brands Him As A Traitor

Reported by Ellen - April 28, 2009 -

Predictably, "fair and balanced" Fox News has started bashing Senator Arlen Specter for switching parties and becoming a Democrat. Fox Nation "asks," "Is He Benedict Arlen?" Foxnews.com similarly suggested he's a traitor, with a home page headline saying Specter "turns back on GOP" and that he "jump(ed) Republican ship." The actual article is less inflammatory but paints Specter's decision as one designed to get him re-elected. That's probably accurate but they somehow omitted Specter's criticisms of the GOP, that it moved to the far right away from the Reagan Big Tent and that 200,000 Republicans in Pennsylvania changed their registration to become Democrats last year. Screen grab after the jump.