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Fox Nation Headlines = A Travel Guide To A Strange Place

Reported by Priscilla - April 27, 2009 -

Steve Doocy said that the “Fox Nation” website is a place for people who love America. The Link to the Fox Nation, on the Fox News website, states that this is “a community that believes in the American Dream.” However, in perusing the headlines and then reading the blog commentary, on Fox Nation, it appears that these folks live in a very narrow, culturally myopic, and very white place in which hatred and intolerance for their fellow Americans is part of the American Dream – or is it nightmare. But as a reflection on the state of the American conservative right wing, it is illustrative of the sad state of a Republican party which remains an enclave of a narrow (minded) demographic that remains rooted in beliefs which do not reflect the views of the diverse society outside its walls. Shyamalan’s “village” was fictional; the “Fox Nation” (where there are no “Village People”) is a real place for people who love an America that exits only for those who live in Fox Nation.

Let’s take a tour of the “Fox Nation.” Unlike Fox News, the nation obviously doesn’t believe in “fair and balanced” because their top headlines seem to indicate a certain – ah – partisanship. The top five headlines are: 1) "Feeling Confident, Point Person on Swine Flu is Janet Napolitano" (oh, be sceered 2) “Obama Unprepared for Swine Flu?” 3) “Heartland Uproar, Did Court Impose Gay Marriage Over Will of People?” 4) “Hero’s Welcome, ‘I was representing the majority of people in California’ "5)"100 days -100 mistakes.” And the photo on the left side of these ledes – Janet Napolitano’s face next to a pig!!!! (No subtlety for the Fox Nation). But let’s take a look at the actual articles that are linked (Fox Nation don’t need no links. All they need to know is right there in the headlines.) The first article is from Politico and talks about how there is no Health and Human Services Secretary; but does discuss the administration plans. But the reason why we have no HHS is because the folks in Fox Nation have prevailed on their senators to fight Sebelius’ nomination because of her support for abortion rights. The second article, from the Fox News website, led with the comment that the president went golfing this weekend; but “other administration officials took control” of the preparations for a flu outbreak. The third article conjures images of the pitchfork gang run amok over the issue of Iowa gay marriage - the article, from the NY Post, not so much. In fact, the last paragraph cited Iowa being on the forefront of social issues. (and that’s heresy in the Fox Nation). The fourth article conjures up a ticker tape parade and throngs of people greeting a national hero. The actual article, from CNS (a right wing news site which is a subsidiary of Bozelle’s Media Research Center), is about how Miss California got a hero’s welcome at a San Diego megachurch which actively campaigned for the passage of Proposition 8. The fifth article, from the NY Post, is a compendium of “mistakes” cited by right wing pundits.

There is a great, big picture of Nancy Pelosi under which is the caption “Former CIA Chief, Pelosi is A Liar.” Nowhere in the Washington Post article does Porter Goss make that specific claim. He doesn’t even mention her name; but asserts that the chairs and ranking minority members of the House and Senate were briefed on what was going on with the intelligence community. The Fox Nation “culture”(an oxymoron if there ever was one) section had a headline about the 43rd Catholic Bishop speaking out against the Obama invitation to Notre Dame and a man who “adopts” aborted children. (Isn’t that sweet?!). Notice that the headline uses the word “children,” which is a religious view, rather than the scientific term, fetus.

The strangest item is near the bottom. (April 24th). It is a picture of Tiger Woods speaking with President Obama. The headline is “Will Tiger Woods Turn Off Republicans?” WTF??!! Can somebody explain this? The link goes to just a larger photo. Is Tiger Woods considered an acceptable black person in the Republican community who, as such, shouldn’t be talking to Obama? I mean really, what’s up with that link!!!

The commentary for all the posts is a strange trip indeed. I actually ventured into the commentary section for the gay marriage article and found a hotbed of homophobia complete with references to “queers” and a comment about how terrible it was that that the Iowa judges gave their approval to anal sex. Misogyny must be a “Fox Nation” family value as shown in this comment: “This will really upset the pigs in NOW they will act up and be jealous.” One of the posters said that this court decision, which overruled the will of the people, was not different from the court ruling about miscegenation. LOL, there’ll be no interracial marriage in the Fox Nation. (Way to attract more voters to a shrinking GOP!)

As a propaganda outlet for Fox fans, the “Fox Nation” is a brilliant propaganda exercise. It uses rightwing talking points as “headlines” and in so doing reinforces the propaganda seen on Fox News. One does wonder if the Fox fans actually read the articles – but why should they when all they need to know is summarized in one or two statements. But do take a tour of the “Fox Nation.” (Don’t bring any Noam Chomsky books or Ms. Magizines because they will be seized and burned.) When you return you will need to be quarantined because of the rampant mind disease so prevalent in that foreign nation. But you will be happy to be back in the real USA.