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Sorry, Hannity, Obama Has NOT Endangered The US

Reported by Ellen - April 25, 2009 -

We know this will come as something of a disappointment to Sean Hannity, who is just itching for a new war (for other people to fight, of course), maybe even hoping we'll be attacked but it's just not true that President Obama has endangered our country. Media Matters has done a roundup of 100 days of (media) myths and falsehoods about Obama's first 100 days and has some substantial evidence that Hannity's near-nightly accusations that Obama has weakened our standing abroad and that he has endangered the country are false. Don't hold your breath waiting for that information on "fair and balanced" Hannity, unless some Democrat on the "Great American panel" uses it during one of their 30-second soundbites. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for much more investigation into the report in any other show on "we report, you decide" Fox News, either.