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Are Sean Hannity And Dick Morris Emboldening Our Enemies By Insisting That Obama Has Weakened Our National Security?

Reported by Ellen - April 24, 2009 -

Remember how Sean Hannity used to constantly accuse Democrats of emboldening our enemies and undermining our troops with their rhetoric about the Bush administration? How, then, to explain - other than as either rampant, partisan hypocrisy or treasonous sentiments - Hannity's near-nightly accusations that President Barack Obama is a radical socialist who hates America? Furthermore, since Hannity supposedly believes that the release of the Bush torture memos has helped our enemies, wouldn't the same be true of national news people constantly announcing that the country is more vulnerable to attacks now? With video.

The show opened with Hannity's bon mot that Obama represents “change that makes us less safe and secure.”

And just in case THAT didn't embolden any enemy, guest Dick Morris said, “I think we will be hit because he's systematically denuding us.”

Hannity agreed. “I think he is systematically weakening our nation's defenses.”

Would those words not be music to the ears of an America hater just looking for an opportunity to do us harm?

Morris added, “If you're an enemy of the United States, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Hamas, he's in bed with you... but if you're a friend of the United States... the way to get popular with this administration is to be an enemy of the United States.”

I call that pretty ironic, coming from a guy who let a toe-sucking prostitute listen in on his phone calls with the president and who's also a major tax delinquent.

But to Hannity, Morris' remark was “an interesting thing.” And come to think of it, Hannity doesn't talk much about what HE likes about America.

Hannity asked, “Why doesn't (Obama) ever talk about what he likes about America? … What does he like about this country or does he agree with Michelle that, you know, America's a mean country or a downright mean country?”

Now THAT'S gotta make our troops feel good, eh?

Morris had even more encouragement for our troops. “What (Obama) likes about this country is they elected him and that's about it.” He and Hannity chuckled.

After a brief segue into the national-security benefits of torture, Morris alleged that the tea parties were “working” (weren't they supposed to be non-partisan?) because “Obama's favorability's down to 54. It's dropped 13 points since he took office.” Uh, not according to my research it hasn't. According to pollingreport.com, the two most recent polls put his favorability at 73% and 69% (with the higher number being the most recent). In January, the month Obama was inaugurated, the results were about 78 or 79%. And according to Real Clear Politics (no liberal outfit), Obama's job approval ratings currently average 61.8%. a drop of less than 2 points since the end of January.

Hannity said hopefully, “In other words, you think it's (the tea parties) gonna have an impact?”

Yes, Morris clearly thought so. He said, “(Obama) made a huge leap to socialism this week. (Wait a minute, wasn't Obama already a socialist, according to Morris, too?) This time, though, it's because Obama plans to convert government stock in banks from preferred to common. “So 500 banks that have TARP money are gonna be controlled by 51% government shareholders.” Seems to me the FDIC has a long history of taking over banks and nobody has ever screamed “socialism!” about that.

The only thing more nauseating than this hatefest was the fact that these kinds of hatefests have become commonplace on the “we like America” network and especially on “Great American” Sean Hannity's show.