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After Describing Janeane Garofalo’s Comments As A Rant, Fox&Friends Guest Cal Thomas Smears Garofalo With His Own Rant

Reported by Priscilla - April 23, 2009 -

The right wing loathes Janeane Garofalo. Every word she utters is met with righteous indignation especially from Fox fave Brent Bozell’s altar boys over at Newsbusters where their good, Christian readers call Janeane the C word. (What would Jesus think?). And as the voice of the right wing, Fox News is there to sound the clarion call against this evil woman who dares gore their oxen (or is it asses?). There is some rich irony at all the consternation (or is it constipation?) generated by Garofalo while right wing and Fox diva, Ann Coulter gets to spew her homicidal hatred on Fox News and national Republican gatherings (or are they covens?) like C-Pac with nary a peep from those who just love to be shocked and outraged over Garofalo’s commentary. While the reality based media ignores the inanity (or is it insanity?) of Coulter, Fox doesn’t – as shown in a weekend Fox&Friends (April 18th) segment in which Dave Briggs did a wag of the finger at Keith Olbermann for “allowing” Garofalo to say that the teabaggers were “racist rednecks” and then “allowed” the prudishly incoherent (or is it incoherently prudish?) Cal Thomas to go on a rant about Garofalo and those not properly reverential towards the sacred teabaggers.

After playing the video of Garofalo’s statement on the Keith Olbermann show, Briggs began the segment by saying, “Wow, Janeane Garofalo on a rant and MSNBC’s Keith Obermann’s did nothing to stop her. Is this responsible journalism?” (Is Fox “responsible” journalism?) And in a journalistically objective, fair and balanced way, Briggs answered his own question with “No. I don’t know what’s worse. That type of ignorance or that Olbermann sat there and did nothing and criticized us as a network.” He asked Cal Thomas if this is “typical of what you‘re seeing as a reaction to these tea parties.” Cal got up on his pulpit and preached to the Fox choir with all kinds of assertions about what the anti teabagging forces are all about. (And how does he know this? Did he go “undercover?”) He said that “These people are secularists don’t go to church, they hate people who do. They’re not veterans. They don’t like veterans. They don’t like the military they’re not too crazy about the police, they really hate America. If these are demonstrations against a man because he’s black what were the Vietnam war demonstrations against Lyndon Johnson about?” (WTF?) After saying that the teabaggers have a right to demonstrate, Thomas said that Garofalo should read the constitution. He added that the anti teabagging commentary was “typical of elitism not only from MSNBC and CNN took this to a new gutter level by making sexual references to these fine people. This is nothing new. The really hate the people who built and sustained America. Those people give them the right to behave like the fools that they are.”

Briggs showed a video shot of CNN’s Susan Roesgen whom, he said, claimed that “this is from the rightwing and organized by Fox.” (D’uhhhh). He then claimed that there were several black speakers at the NY bagging and the crowd’s criticism was bi- partisan. To his question of “why can’t other networks tell the facts,” Thomas started ranting and projecting about how “They fear people will get the facts that big government isn’t what the founders wanted. It’s the people that make the country work and if they can stereotype those people, the conservatives, the church going, the god fearing, the taxpaying, the law abiding, the people who get married to people of the opposite sex and intend to stay married…” blah, blah, blah…The segment finished with Cal doing a little boogying to the Sir Mixalot music from the Burger King ad.

Wow! What a rant! But the hypocrisy of Fox is amazing. It seems that Sean Hannity didn’t say anything when his pal, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson said that “most blacks living in Tennessee are racists.” Sean Hannity didn’t disavow Ted Nugent’s statement that Obama should “suck on my machine gun" and his (Nugent’s) comment to Hillary Clinton that "you might want to ride one of these into the sunset." During his rant, Cal Thomas made some very stupid and unsubstantiated claims that Briggs did nothing to stop. And while not all the teabaggers were racist, there was racism in the crowds who carried signs that, if not racist (reportedly there was a sign of Obama as a shoe shine boy), were very offensive – signs that included pictures of Obama as Hitler (the one carried by the genius who couldn’t say why Obama was a fascist.) The genius teabaggers couldn’t seem to figure out if Obama was fascist/communist/socialist/ or the anti-Christ. One of the rallies was anti-immigrant and at which an 11 year old told the Hispanic writer of the article that “You don’t belong here. People like you are why we are overtaxed.” (Wonder if she’s home schooled with books approved by Larry Schweikart!). But for a Fox host to act indignant about another network allowing Garofalo (who according to the Constitution has the right of free speech) to say something that they feel is offensive spells hypocrisy in big bold letters!

P.S. The video below the Fox video is a great example of stupidity, racism, and hypocrisy on the part of a sainted teabagger. Bet he’s a Fox fan! H/T Wonkette