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O'Reilly: So Many Slams Against NBC . . . So Little Time

Reported by Ellen - April 22, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

In a segment called “Peacock Problem” on Monday night's O'Reilly Factor (4/20/09), O'Reilly led off with the news flash, “hate speech and the General Electric Corporation.” O'Reilly helpfully informed the viewers that GE owns NBC, which last week unleashed the “most hateful attacks on the Tea Party demonstrators the TV news business has ever seen in its history.” Except, maybe, when Hannity allowed guest Ann Coulter to compare Obama to Hitler. Oh yeah, and when Fox News allowed its guest, Liz Trotta, to talk about killing then-candidate Obama. With video.

O'Reilly – considerate always of his blushing viewers – played a clip of Janeane Garofalo in an MSNBC interview, which he initially wasn't going to run “because it's so vile.” Having heavily reflected over the weekend, however, O'Reilly decided to share. On the “vile” clip, Janeane Garofalo was shown on an MSNBC interview, saying, “It's about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks. And there is no way around that . . . the conservative movement has now crystalized into the White Power movement.” Ooh ooh ooh, I forgot one – how about when Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson appeared on Hannity & Colmes and compared then-candidate Obama's church with the KKK?

O'Reilly declared that “GE boss Jeffrey Immelt and his henchman, NBC President Jeff Zucker, have encouraged personal attacks and hate speech on the air for years trying to boost sagging ratings at NBC.” O'Reilly gloated that last week GE announced a dismal quarter, and NBC reported a 45% drop in profits, saying, “If our capitalistic system weren't so corrupted Immelt and Zucker would have been fired a long time ago, but the fix is in . . . here's how the uber-liberal New York Times headlined GE's trouble: 'GE's First Quarter Net Tops Analysts' Estimates'.” Umm, Bill, that's how Marketwatch reported it, too . . . and NPR . . . and Daily Markets.

O'Reilly declared, “That's because the Times is in business with General Electric and that business is to promote far-left causes and attack conservative and/or traditional Americans.” So, suddenly, making lightbulbs and, I don't know, appliances is attacks on conservatives and traditional Americans? Is nothing sacred?

Hitting a new low in Fox's Obama smear campaign, O'Reilly said, “Also, President Obama recently appointed Immelt to be one of his economic advisors even though the man has run GE into the ground. That appointment was payback for Immelt allowing NBC News to openly support Obama for President.” Actually, Immelt is on President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, along with other government outsiders, including – could it be? – William Donaldson, the Bush guy, and, oh yes, there's also the Chairman, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker (Reagan administration, if I'm not mistaken.). (Is Volcker in on it too? The plot thickens . . . .)

“So now we have powerful corporations not only intruding on electoral politics, but also attacking Americans like the Tea Party protesters. That is a situation all Americans should condemn.” What? Who? Where? I must have missed something important between that last thing about NBC supporting Obama and GE attacking Americans. Wait, I get it – to O'Reilly, free (liberal) speech is now an attack on Americans and something Americans “should condemn.”

On hand to weigh in were the Fair and Balanced duo of Fox News Business Contributor Tobin Smith and Fox News Business Anchor Stuart Varney.

Asked by O'Reilly, “Am I making any mistakes here?” Varney was quick to stroke O'Reilly's ego, saying there is an “air of desperation” about Jeffrey Immelt. “He needs Obama's political cover, he's getting it, and in return he's made these networks the mouthpiece for Obama Administration policies.” I can't think who Fox News has for eight years been the mouthpiece for . . . it's coming to me, something about a shrub, maybe, or – oh, yeah.

Continued Varney, “Now this executive is doing the bidding of the Administration and the casualty is the reputation of NBC and CNBC and free debate over Green policies.” O'Reilly mentioned a report last week – “we broke it here” – that Immelt and Zucker actually went to CNBC in New Jersey and told the staff to “lay off Obama.”

Varney maintained that here was an “insistence that they carry Green subjects, that they cover Green policy.” Light bulbs, back-room deals, now green stuff . . . these guys are so intellectually deep I can't keep up. Hope you guys are doing better than I am.

“So take it easy on Obama and . . . .” interrupted O'Reilly.

Varney jumped in eagerly, “Toe the line.” Nailed it – not. Nope, guys, according to the rumors on the street, that's not how it went down. According to some, including the Wall Street Journal, it was CNBC's Rick Santelli's “spontaneous” anti-Obama rant, which allegedly inspired the tea party movement, and Rush Limbaugh's praise of CNBC's Jim Cramer for criticizing President Obama, that led Immelt and Zucker to call a meeting out of concern the network was turning into the President Obama-bashing network.

Tobin Smith had a chance to get his licks in, too. “When you do a deal with the devil you'd better realize that you're the junior partner.” Oh, these guys are so good with the analogies . . . or metaphors . . . or not making any sense. “If you look at their [GE's] dependency going forward on . . . the Obama Green Energy Plan which, in many ways, is a disaster de jour, or disaster coming, they are in it Bill, they have nowhere to go.” Huh?

“Why should they be able to own a broadcast network when they're so clearly in . . . bed with the government.” Huh?

O'Reilly posited, “They want government money to fund some of these green things that General Electric is going into, right?”

GE's business is so broken, Smith said, “the green thing is the only thing that keeps their head above water . . . .”

O'Reilly, evidently tired of green stuff, veered right back to the Great Liberal Conspiracy Theory. “They're in partnership, GE, with the Obama Administration on a number of different levels. Which makes it imperative that NBC News say good things and attack critics of the Administration.”

O'Reilly, set firmly on course, asked Varney, “But what, Stuart, what about the hatred level? I mean, you just saw that sound bite. That woman should not be on anybody's air, ever, I mean, that's how irresponsible she is.” (Ooh, ooh, ooh, I know this one – take a gander at Fox News' Greatest Racists Hits, here.) “She basically called everyone . . . on Tea Party day a flat out racist and people who hate black people.”

Varney responded, “I find that shocking. There was no response at all to that statement from that on-air host, nothing came out there . I'm really shocked . . . .” I hope he'd be just as shocked to see the approval from Sean Hannity when his guest announced that most blacks in Tennessee are racists.

Varney insisted, “This Administration is now telling whole industries what to do. It tells Detroit what cars to make, it tells the banks what loans to make, and now it's in the business of telling supposedly independent news organizations what to broadcast . . . and allows this kind of hate speech.”

O'Reilly continued his oh-this-is-a-turning-point-in-history-for-hate-speech, saying, “If you're at home and you're watching NBC and this comes on, you're sitting there going, 'what?' It's never been seen before in broadcast history, it's never been seen before.” Well, never seen before except for the, what, four Fox News incidents I just named, and myriad others I didn't have time for.

O'Reilly, like a dog worrying a bone, asked Tobin, “Do you believe that Immelt and Zucker went to CNBC and ordered them to say good things about Obama, do you believe that?”

“Well, I of course don't know that for a fact . . .” replied Tobin. Finally, a nugget of truth in this interview.

Varney went in for the nonsensical finale, saying that Immelt came into the job running General Electric, which has crashed and burned on his watch, and now “he is running to the Obama Administration to give him political cover and he's getting it.”

Somewhere between GE running the Obama Administration and the Obama Administration making GE do green stuff and Fox News, I mean NBC, promoting vile hate speech and Immelt running for cover and somebody being in bed with somebody else, I somehow missed the point of all this.

Oh, yeah, President Obama's rotten to the core – that must be it.

If you can't view the video below, here's a link.