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Charles Grodin To Sean Hannity: You've Got A Fascist Mentality

Reported by Ellen - April 22, 2009 -

I was disappointed by Grodin for much of tonight's interview for giving Sean Hannity too much of a pass on his hate mongering. But Grodin gathered steam as he went on and near the end of Part 2 (below), at about the 1 minute mark, Grodin confronted Hannity on his "fascist mentality," much to Hannity's obvious shock. Apparently, it's not easy for him to take what he so freely dishes out. Even better, Grodin asked Hannity, "What branch of the military did you serve in?" Chickenhawk Hannity answered that his father fought in World War II. He was about to receive another round of ridicule when the segment ended. Hannity also told Grodin he'd consent to being waterboarded. Video after the jump.