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“Liberal” Van Susteren Cozies Up To Limbaugh As He Lies About Homeland Security Memo And Smears Obama

Reported by Ellen - April 21, 2009 -

Greta Van Susteren, whom FOX News points to as liberal balance to the prime time conservatives, nonetheless did her part to help spread the hate-mongering against President Barack Obama last night (4/20/09) on On The Record by hosting Rush Limbaugh and asking him leading questions guaranteed to elicit anti-Obama responses. She not only let stand a blatant lie about the Department of Homeland Security memo warning of right-wing extremism, she didn't utter a peep of protest when Limbaugh suggested that DHS ought to investigate Obama instead.

Opening the door for a right-wing talking point, Van Susteren began the segment by asking what Limbaugh thought of “that handshake” between Obama and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

Limbaugh acknowledged that Obama had to shake Chavez' hand but quickly echoed the kind of attacks that have become common on FOX News, branding Obama as an America-hater. First, Limbaugh complained that Obama was “willingly putting himself in the presence of people who despise this country.” Unlike, say, the two hosts on FNC who got behind the secessionist talk of Rick Perry?

“I'm not gonna sit there and take it if somebody starts trashing my country,” Limbaugh declared (unless, apparently, you're a conservative Republican). Then, “Dr.” Limbaugh offered up his diagnosis: “I think we're looking at a person with a God or messianic complex, certainly narcissistic.”

There was no comment, no objection to nor rebuttal of Limbaugh's overblown rhetoric from “liberal” Greta.

Predictably, Limbaugh amplified his attacks. ”President Obama wants to tear apart the foundation that built this country into the greatest country in the world... and remake it in his image, closer to something that would be approved of by people like... Hugo Chavez.”

No comment, no objection to nor rebuttal from “liberal” Van Susteren.

Limbaugh moved on to another Republican favorite attack point – never mind that it's completely fictitious – the Department of Homeland Security memo supposedly targeting conservatives as extremists. FOX News has been shrieking about this for about a week now despite the fact that their own Shepard Smith and Catherine Herridge revealed that the memo came a few months after a similar one outlined dangers from left-wing groups and that both memos were requested by George W. Bush while he was still in office. It's interesting that with all the hissy fits, I have yet to see a serious discussion about whether or not there may actually be a homegrown terrorist threat. Funny how the same crowd that's willing to torture, doesn't mind having their phones tapped and cowers in fear over the possibility that a Mexican immigrant might be in league with Hezbollah suddenly turns a cold shoulder to this peril. Maybe they just don't mind being killed so long as the killers look and think like they do.

In synch with his FOX News fellows, Limbaugh falsely said about the Department of Homeland Security memo that it “targets right wing conservatives as potential rats.” He added to the misinformation by saying that Obama “wrote” the memo and that DHS chief Janet Napolitano was “simply echoing the vision.”

No correction from Van Susteren who also happens to be a lawyer.

Next, Limbaugh echoed Hannity's comments of Friday night, saying, “Maybe the Department of Homeland Security ought to keep a sharp eye on Bill Ayers and his buddies who are Obama's friends.” Limbaugh stopped just short of saying DHS should be monitoring Obama but it was clear what he was suggesting.

On a hate-monger's roll now, Limbaugh said Obama believes “achievers, affluent people have somehow come by it in an ill-gotten way... and he's gonna give back... and redistribute it to a larger group of people... He sees in Chavez a kindred spirit.”

Another over-the-top statement that Van Susteren left unchallenged. Her response? “What about (Obama's) trip to Mexico?”

Later, in a question that seemed designed to showcase a lighter, more likeable side of Limbaugh (perhaps he's the latest recipient of FNC Republican rehab, to counter his unpopularity?), Van Susteren asked whom he admired and why. When he was stumped, she helpfully reminded him that he likes the Humane Society.