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The CNN Tape O'Reilly Didn't Show

Reported by Ellen - April 20, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On Friday night's O'Reilly Factor (4/17/09), O'Reilly tried justifying Fox' obsession with the Tea Parties by trumping up The Tape You Didn't See On CNN. With video.

Well, there's a tape I did see about the CNN “confrontation”, on YouTube, and, gosh, I know it's gonna come as something of a shock, but O'Reilly conveniently chose not to air some other portions of that clip tonight, such as this winner, the Obama's-a-fascist-because-he's-a-fascist guy. A poster child for the movement.

And here's another gem from that same “confrontation” that Family-Friendly Fox News' O'Reilly forgot to air (he showed a second or two of it without audio then cut away). Note the baby starting to cry at about 2:05 into the video (you have to watch the baby's face closely); in the background you can hear someone say, “the little guy's crying.” So, this dad brings his infant to a rally where God only knows what might happen, froths at the mouth at the CNN Reporter, Susan Roesgen, drops the F-bomb, and doesn't consider the possibility that his tiny child might be a little terrified of the yelling, screaming, mob scene – and this father is so worked up he doesn't even notice his baby's distress? Another poster child for the movement. But O'Reilly was much too busy denigrating Susan Roesgen to air a pesky little clip which might actually portray the dark underbelly of these protests.

O'Reilly aired the clip of CNN reporter Roesgen having a face-off with a female protester, who accused Roesgen of “not talking to regular mainstream people.” The protester ranted to Roesgen that the government “spends money in ways we have no say in.” When questioned by Roesgen about her remarks, the woman challenged her with, “Are you trying to play stupid?”

O'Reilly described this clueless, rude woman as “very impassioned.”

O'Reilly brought in former CNN anchor Greta van Susteren to comment on the incident, and made it clear that, in his book, NBC still trumped CNN in being a hater, saying that while CNN is “left-leaning” and “condescending sometimes," CNN is “not nearly as bad as NBC News,” who are “hateful . . . toward the Tea Party people.”

Van Susteren – she of the chummy fluffy, Palin family interviews (including one that earned Palin another ethics complaint) – said it was “unattractive for a reporter to be condescending,” and “acting like a rookie” and that Roesgen was not “out there gathering facts.” I guess you gathered some facts in those Palin interviews, Greta – for example, you now know how to make moose stew and you learned a little something about an Arctic Cat.

Van Susteren magnanimously said she didn't want to “ruin someone's career” by saying someone's “world class” at a competitor, but invoked Candy Crowley as an example of first-class reporting. First of all, I seriously doubt anyone's career will be in jeopardy because Greta van Susteren complimented them. And, you know, if you watch the Palin interviews in their entirety you really see the whole Greta-you're-a-hypocritical-piece-of-journalistic-fluff thing. Van Susteren claimed that Roesgen is either “over her head or doesn't get what the job is” or else she's taking marching orders from management to “make this show biz” and not reporting. I truly believe Van Susteren and the rest of the Fox Newsies know a little something about taking marching orders from management, eh?

“I don't think she understands the First Amendment,” van Susteren pontificated. “ . . . whether it's Code Pink or people protesting taxes . . . they have a First Amendment right to protest.” She wondered aloud whether Roesgen's on-air “slap at Fox News” was because it was rumored that Roesgen had once applied for a job at Fox and she might be nursing a “grudge” against Fox.

The most ironic moment came when O'Reilly bragged about his treatment of Medea Benjamin of Code Pink. O'Reilly insisted, “We're not arrogant toward (Code Pink), we're not dismissive of them.” About that not being arrogant or dismissive thing – on April 3, 2009, O'Reilly hosted Benjamin, the head of Code Pink, basically to rake her over the coals about her anti-war stance (and probably because the Daily Kos had criticized the group and O'Reilly was hoping Code Pink would dish dirt on Kos). Roll it, boys.

BENJAMIN: We want a peacekeeping force in there and we want negotiations. O'REILLY: Medea, Medea, these are simple questions. These are simple questions. I'm a simple man. We pull the troops out. The Taliban is going to take over. Does that bother you? Does it bother you? BENJAMIN: We don't know. O'REILLY: You don't know if it bothers you? BENJAMIN: If we have the time line for withdrawal and we have a negotiation, there's all kinds of. O'REILLY: Negotiations. BENJAMIN: Taliban. The U.S... O'REILLY: I'll try it more time, Medea . . . But it isn't - Medea, but this is what you don't get . . . They will kill Afghan women . . You don't care about Afghan women, Medea . . . Get in the real world, but we appreciate you coming on in.
Yeah, we were really feeling the respect Fox News has for Code Pink, especially as evidenced by Fox News' Brian Kilmeade's comment that a Code Pink member should be “tazed” or “beaten to a pulp” for exercising First Amendment rights and heckling Hillary Clinton ( Interesting that to Fox, the Tea Party protesters were just exercising their First Amendment rights, but Code Pink should be “tazed” and “beaten to a pulp” for doing the same thing).

Van Susteren righteously declared, “We're also not vulgar . . . many of the networks are being vulgar toward the protesters.” (Hey, you guys are the ones into teabagging.) O'Reilly took his customary swipe at arch-nemesis NBC News, saying that “NBC was all day long with that obscene stuff.”

Van Susteren said, “ . . . When you are vulgar and disdainful of the viewers, that is sending a message we don't care about you . . .”

O'Reilly asked Van Susteren whether “the failure of those two networks [CNN and NBC] . . . is driving the hatred . . . or is it ideology?” to which Van Susteren replied that management was trying to rescue their viewership by trying to make it more “show biz,” and that it showed nothing but disdain for the people to “throw these rookies out there” to engage in fights like that. Show biz. Like Glenn Beck's histrionics, maybe? That kind of show biz? Or this little dog (and pony) show on Fox & Friends “news” program?

I've been thinking of a new name for the 4th of July Teabag Protests being planned. Given the drama on the high seas, and the fact that these protesters are accusing the Obama Administration of “piracy” but are sort of creating their own form of piracy, roaming around the country demanding money and such, I think they should call the new protest the “Angry Pirate” movement.

Look it up.

If you can't see the video below, here's a link.