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Fox&Friends Don’t Tell The Whole Story – But They Do Pray!

Reported by Priscilla - April 18, 2009 -

The Old Time Christian Bible Hour, otherwise known as Fox&Friends, does love that persecuted Christian meme (“War on Christians”). Now that they’ve milked the bejesus out of the Newsweek story about the “decline of Christian America,” they’re moving on to other examples of the ongoing persecution of Christians in “the Fox Nation.” But fact checking is not their strong suit (who needs it if you’re doing propaganda!). In a recent segment, the little Foxies discussed a case, involving aggrieved Christians, which actually does seem to have some merit. But in presenting the “facts,” they didn’t tell the whole story. Why am I not surprised?

In an interview (April 17th) with accomplished singer Kristin Chenowith, the gang (which included Mike Huckabee, brought up a case involving two students who are suing the Peralta Community College District, in California, because “they contend that that their civil rights were violated after administrators at the College of Alameda threatened to suspend them for praying on campus.” Steve Doocy, in providing background for the discussion, said that the problem began when an instructor, at Alameda, found a student praying with another instructor, who was feeling sick, and told her that praying was not allowed and now “this girl and her friend have wound up with letters of suspension and now people are getting sued.” While Doocy didn’t explain why two girls were disciplined, it appears that the only offense for the second girl was that she met up with the first girl, within view of the instructor who was upset, after the incident. Fact: While both students were given suspension notices, “Peralta administrators later backed away from the suspensions after meeting with the students and their attorney. Instead, administrators formally warned the women that they cannot engage in disruptive behavior.” Gretchen Carlson knowing that Chenowith was a “person of faith,” wanted her take on the issue. Chenowith said that she couldn’t understand why public prayer was a problem. Huckabee agreed and surprisingly said (this being the Fox Nation where Islam, especially Muslims praying publicly, is viewed with suspicion) that he didn’t have a problem with outward displays of prayer which even included putting a prayer rug down. The chyron read “School’s unconstitutional move, threatened to punish students for prayer” with a visual of a crucifix on the side. Fact number 1: The crucifix containing Christ’s body is an icon for Roman Catholics and to some extent, Episcopalians. Other Protestants use the plain cross. So in using a crucifix, the “Fox Nation” isn’t being very inclusive! Fact number 2: The case has not been adjudicated yet; so to determine that it is “unconstitutional” is wrong. Gretchen Carlson said that this example of “PC” resulted in two students being suspended from college. Fact: as noted above, this is wrong. She added that “this is going to a federal court in San Francisco and I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope.” (Oh, Lord, San Francisco - that bastion of sin and degredation!) Huckabee was concerned about their permanent record because it would show that “they were thrown out of college because they prayed.” Fact: wrong again, they are still students at Alameda. When Chenowith said that she was praying for the young women, Steve Doocy (who is a Christian and plays one on TV) said, “You know what, we’re praying for them.”

Comment: If the three Mudocheteers bothered to do some fact checking, they would have realized that a bad liberal California district court judge on “March 31 rejected an attempt by the college district to dismiss the case, a ruling that the students' attorneys say indicates their lawsuit has merit.” In fact, the California judge (who knew!) said that college students have the right to pray in private outside the classroom.” (So faith hasn’t been eradicated on the “S-P” West Coast!) The attorney for the students will be meeting with Peralta officials to settle the case including through mediation. But in not telling the whole story, Fox&Friends gets to promote the propaganda and play the Christian martyr card – once, again.