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What A Coincidence! FreedomWorks Planned 9/12 Rally Hours Before Beck's 9/12 Project

Reported by Ellen - April 17, 2009 -

Hats off to Dave, at $ave the Rich, for catching this remarkable coincidence: FreedomWorks, a right-wing organization with a history of organizing "grass-roots" movements and which has admitted being "one of the main driving forces" of the recent tea party protests, just happened to start applying for permits for a September 12th rally in Washington a few hours before Glenn Beck announced his September 12th project in which "we'll meet back here" on that day. As Dave points out,

There was an air of mystery surrounding Beck's special. Fox News had organized national viewing parties in anticipation of a big announcement on the program. What he would say was not public.

Yet, somehow, FreedomWorks had a heads up. They applied for a permit for the same day, on the same day. Yet, still they deny the obvious coordination at the top of their recent tantrum. I'm not sure that Fox and FreedomWorks can sustain that position any more.