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“Great American” Sean Hannity Supports Threat of Secession

Reported by Ellen - April 17, 2009 -

If anyone doubts that “Great American” Sean Hannity's patriotism is more about show than substance, last night's Hannity proved that Hannity is willing to rip apart the country to suit his purposes. In a “Great American” panel discussion about Texas Governor Rick Perry's threat to secede, Hannity repeatedly voiced his support for Perry despite heavy opposition from Geraldo Rivera and conservative Jonah Goldberg. FOX News' favorite ex-mobster cum patriotism expert was on the panel, too (what IS FNC's fascination with this guy?), and while he pronounced the government “mob-like” (again), even he would not endorse Hannity's radical sentiment. Or was Hannity just trying to out-Beck Glenn Beck who is gaining on Hannity in the ratings? (If Hannity starts bursting into tears on the show, we'll know it's the latter.) Either way, it's frightening and thank goodness Rivera and Goldberg, but especially Rivera, pwned him. With video.

Please let “Great American” Hannity and FOX News know what you think of their poisonous “patriotism” at hannity@foxnews,com.