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Dick Morris' Concern About Universal Health Coverage: Not Enough Doctors To Go Around

Reported by Ellen - April 17, 2009 -

Dick Morris must have given up on accusing Barack Obama of wanting to provide taxpayer-funded health insurance to illegal immigrants, at least for the time being. On last night's (4/16/09) Hannity, Morris came up with a new excuse to oppose the universal health care coverage most Americans want. After making the baseless claim that Obama's poll numbers are sinking fast, Morris told Sean Hannity last night that the problem with expanding health insurance is that there aren't enough doctors to go around. Instead of working to make sure there are more doctors, Morris seems to prefer that some people go without care. With video.

At about the 2:20 mark in the video below (which counts down from the end), Morris told Hannity, “The key thing about health care... you can spend more money on education and you get better education. You can spend more money on defense and you get better defense. But for medical care, it's you're limited by the number of doctors and nurses that there are... And if (Obama's) going to expand health care to cover everybody, no matter what extra money he puts into it, he's not going to have enough doctors or enough nurses to go around and you'll have the same kind of rationing that I was just citing in Canada."

In other words, some should go without coverage so that Morris and other people fortunate enough to have it can be certain not to be inconvenienced.

(H/T JD for the tip)