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O'Reilly and Miller: Just A Couple of Good Ol' Boys, Yucking It Up

Reported by Ellen - April 16, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On the Tax Day O'Reilly Factor (4/15/09), it was pretty much Beavis meet Butthead on the Miller Time segment. Dennis Miller, O'Reilly's never-very-funny sidekick, and O'Reilly chuckled, guffawed and laughed hysterically at slams against dogs and Janet Napolitano and piracy and Spain. Fox “We Like America” News? Not so much. With video.

Miller began by talking about Bo, the new White House dog. Saying he saw Bo's first press conference, Miller said, “Even his barks were on a teleprompter . . . so I guess like Master like dog then.” Hardy har har.

Asked about tax day, Miller said that he thought the average taxpayer felt like they'd been “shot in the head” by “other people not pulling their weight.” Miller said that “the forgotten man” has had enough. O'Reilly failed to mention the new Gallup poll which showed that almost half of Americans believe they're paying the proper amount of taxes. O'Reilly led Miller further down the rich-guys-having-to-part-with-nickels path, talking about Miller's home state of California and asking him if he thought it was unfair to “you, Dennis Miller” that he (translation, rich white guys) would have to carry the load. Miller replied that he'd “like to keep a buck for every buck I give to strangers.” He loves to help the helpless, said Miller, but we're “helping too many of the clueless nowadays.” Miller got big kudos from O'Reilly on that line, who said ingratiatingly, “That's a good line.”

Miller began his next rant about Janet Napolitano talking about the “right wing conspiracy.” Displaying a photo of Napolitano next to Frank Luntz, Miller arrogantly called out, “Hey Janet, if you're gonna hover over me like this at least ditch that Frank Luntz haircut.” O'Reilly and Miller had a good cackle, giggle and guffaw about that little bit of cleverness. Yeah, Napolitano's quest to keep the country safe is really a knee-slapper. I don't recall the same hilarity from Fox News during Bush's tenure.

After moments of being barely able to speak through the hysterical laughter, talk got around, of course, to the Tea Party protest, and Miller said, “yeah, it kills me because they act like these people are nuts now,” and said “our founding fathers would have been out there today.” I like to think our founding fathers would have been doing what Rick Santelli did, hiding somewhere and not emerging until after the debacle was over.

After a bit of little-boy back and forth about Miller's use of the word “badass,” O'Reilly continued his rant from the night before about Spain prosecuting the Bush 6 for torture, and said “we were” going to boycott Spain. Miller said he'd be glad to boycott Spain alongside O'Reilly, but doesn't know “what the hell to boycott.” O'Reilly said that boycotting is primarily a “message” America needs to send to the Spanish government, that the government is a “bunch of clowns.” All-American Fox News seems to have no problem with the torture regime under Bush. It'll be a real knee-slapper if Spain does prosecute and gets convictions.

A bit of hilarity around the Navy Seals rescuing Captain Richard Phillips and shooting the pirates on the high seas. With no push-back from O'Reilly, Miller snorted that Barack Obama showed a “humanistic side” by shooting the three pirates simultaneously because “he's all about spreading the wealth.” After a stupid rambling joke about which pirate gets to get shot first, Miller, not sure if his first bit of gallows humor caught, repeated it again, saying that it was “Barack showing his human side.” Miller complained that “they” throw the word “pirate” around but they won't say “terrorist.” Guffawing, Miller spewed some nonsense about Gibbs' press conference, and “Somali want a cracker?” which sent O'Reilly and Miller both into peals of inane laughter. The two Fox News funsters couldn't stop laughing at the cracker line, and O'Reilly made some snide comment about being “accused of being racist or something for that . . . but that was a great line.” Really on a roll and cracking himself – and O'Reilly – up now, Miller rounded it all out by saying, “Good for him, I'm glad he green lit . . . and I understand he's got a development deal with the Discovery Channel where there's gonna meld the Somali pirates with the Deadliest Catch show . . . .”

Oh, Fox News really loves America.

“All right, Somali want a cracker everybody,” O'Reilly trailed off.

Those boys are really a couple of funsters.

If you can't view the video below, here's a link to it.