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Hannity Whipping Up Anti-Obama Hatred During "Non-Partisan" Tea Party FOX News "Covering"

Reported by Ellen - April 15, 2009 -

Forget the "we're just covering a non-partisan event" baloney. Hannity is making it personal against Obama, saying he's sending a message to the White House, and deliberately fomenting hatred by saying this is a "battle between capitalism and socialism." I suspect the entire show will be anti-Obama smears. The only question in my mind is whether his bigotry will rear its ugly head. NOTE: THIS WILL BE LIVE BLOGGED. CHECK FOR UPDATES.

He's talking to that jerk, Joe the Plumber, now an expert on taxes.

Hannity asks if we'll say, "Pelosi and Reid and Obama, good-bye?"

Sure enough, Hannity is talking about Rev. Wright and saying, "America's voters have come home to roost." How far off can "unrepentant terrorist" be?

Nice... Neal Boortz calls the tax code "an act of terrorism."

Hannity says DHS is probably checking the license plates of "everybody here."

I'm afraid to wonder how much more hatemongering these "patriots" can muster.

Now the crowd is chanting "USA" again... what phony patriots!

Now Hannity is attacking Obama for signing a bill with too many earmarks. But it's OK, Hannity told us he's a conservative, not a Republican, so we know his hate-mongering is non-partisan.

Hannity to Greta: Do me a favor. As you go by the Treasury, if you see tax-cheat Tim Geithner, tell him to pay his taxes.

More "USA!" chanting. Rick or Bubba whips up just the kind of fears discussed in the Department of Homeland Security report by saying, "This is the United States of America, not the United Kingdom of America."

And now the phony populism from multi-millionaire Hannity, pretending that it's working class Americans' money he fears for, when it's really his own.

Here comes John Rich, dedicating his song to the "hard-working" people who loves this country. Well, I'm a hard worker and I love this country but I think you're a blot on it.