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Bret Baier Uses Bo Obama To Dog President

Reported by Ellen - April 15, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

Taking a break from FOX News' relentless coverage of the Tea Parties, Bret Baier unearthed a new excuse to smear FOX News' two favorite targets, the so-called liberal media and Bo Obama, the first dog. With video.

On the April 14, 2009 “Grapevine” segment of Special Report, Baier sneered, “The First Dog was billed as a big news story by other media outlets today.” He continued, “One of our competitors actually called it 'a major event for this White House' – and they weren't joking.”

Baier went on to say that Bo was unveiled this afternoon, and said mockingly that the buildup was “just gripping.” Baier claimed that on Monday, Newsweek declared “only one more night to hold your (Doggy) breath. Katie Connolly” Uh, Bret, this was from a blog site, not part of the magazine. The real Newsweek story is an AP feed, just the basics about the new White House pooch.

Baier also cited a Washington Post article, quoting the author as writing, “Bo's a handsome little guy. Well-suited for formal occasions at the White House . . . .” The article was obviously written a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but Baier didn't note that pesky detail.

Baier also indignantly claimed that US News & World Report even published its “Top 10 Things to Know about Bo.” The article in question was not, in fact, a US News and World Report article; it was, again, a blog.

I can understand why Fox News would have such a problem with these fluffy dog stories, considering that they would never lower their hard-charging journalistic standards to such an extent to cover doggie stories . . . wait, what's this?

On October 8, 2008, Greta van Susteren's GretaWire featured a blog entitled, “You have to love Barney ('First Dog').” In it she wrote, “I love Barney.”

Probably a fluke. You know women and fluff. But wait, what . . . ?

On November 6, 2008, Bill O'Reilly featured “Barney the dog - pinhead or patriot?” after he nipped the Reuters reporter.

On the same day, November 6, 2008, Greta van Susteren's GretaWire headlined, “Whatever happened to presumption of innocence? Barney has had no trial.” She went on to write that “Barney and I have 'discussed' this false accusation and we both think the video below is “photo shopp’d” to make him look bad (he did not bite, he gave a polite lick)….” Well, spins for Bush, even when it comes to his dog.

On November 7, 2008 Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends first mocked the Reuters reporter who was bitten by Bush's dog Barney, then played the video clip of the incident entitled, “Bush's Barney Bites.”

Oh, and I almost missed this: On December 15, 2008, Fox & Friends featured the presidential dog's inside look at White House – New “Barney Cam” released , with the caption, “White House Pooch is a Star.”

And let's not forget the Fox News Christmas Barney cams. On December 15, 2008, an item of news of the Fox News day was this Barney.cam from the Bush White House, with Fox News correspondent Courtney Friel. Showing a clip of Barney, she noted that Barney has been “starring in his own videos since 2002.”

Helping the canine cause, on December 15, 2008, Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends had a “Fox News Flash” with the latest edition of the Barney cam.

On December 23, 2008, on FoxNews.com, in a story entitled “Dreaming of a White Christmas,” we got this: “But it's Barney, the president's three-year-old Scottish Terrier . . . who steals the show this year, starring in a sequel to last year's popular holiday feature.”

And finally, way back on June 30, 2007, there's this breaking story on Foxnews.com: “Bush, Awaiting Putin, Goes Fishing.” The article noted this vital detail: The president - sporting a cap depicting a Scottish terrier like his dog, Barney - used a bait fish to angle one of two fish caught by the group.

Good to know that Fox is one media outlet that doesn't deal in animal fluff.