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Playing Defense In the “War On Christians,” Megyn Kelly Promotes Prayer

Reported by Priscilla - April 14, 2009 -

The Fox Christian Nation is quite upset about recent seditious talk that Christianity ain’t what it used to be. As such, Fox News provides them with affirmation that America is still a “Christian nation” and good Fox Christians need not worry despite that evil Newsweek article in which Jon Meacham also pointed that “while the percentage of Christians may be shrinking, rumors of the death of Christianity are greatly exaggerated.” So really no need for Fox Christians to be concerned; but that doesn’t stop Fox News from pushing the propaganda that there’s a “war on Christians” – a meme that encourages the Fox Nation to engage in whining and victimhood. Last week, on America’s Newsroom, Megyn Kelly (as a handmaiden of a Christian, “traditionalist” network wouldn’t ya think that Megyn’s last name would be that of her husband?) hosted a “fair and balanced” (just kidding) discussion, with someone from the Heritage Foundation, about what a University of Maryland student senate decision said about the sorry state of morality in today’s colleges.

The University of Maryland’s student senate had voted to eliminate the invocation at the graduation while at the same time lobbying to have a “porno” movie shown on campus. (Oh, saints preserve us, it’s the end of the world as we know it!) On America’s Newsroom, April 9th, Megyn Kelly discussed this impending threat to Christianity with Matthew Spaulding from the conservative Heritage Foundation. Megyn said that the student decision, “voting down prayer,” was done during “this holiest of weeks.” She said that the news came as Newsweek “boldly takes on the topic of religion” (cover shown in case you missed this “attack” on Christianity). Spaulding said this “points to the deep and utter relativism you have dominating the American Unversity…It shows you where they are intellectually and morally.” When Megyn said she was “shocked” to see the final tally of the student senate vote, Spaulding reminded her that faculty members, who are overwhelmingly liberal, are also in the senate. Megyn, said “oh yeah,” when Spaulding said “this shows you where the liberal aspects of the university want to take us” (down the road to perdition!) and that “this isn’t about tolerating Christianity; but changing the culture of the environment” Doing a bit of projection, Spaulding claimed that those who don’t support prayer at the graduation “take prayer as a moral offense” and “want to get rid of it.” Megyn eagerly jumped in and said “they say without citing numbers and pointing to specific interviews they did with anybody” (LOL – like Fox “facts” based on “some say”) “many people felt excluded and marginalized” despite 14 clergymen come up something “as generic as white bread.” Channeling what he thinks are liberal views, Spaulding said that “ what they feel marginalized by is any claim that there is any power outside of themselves” and that they’re going to feel excluded by graduation. (WTF?) Megyn agreed that “their feelings get hurt.” While he spoke the chyron read “Is there a war on Christianity in the US?’ (Oh yes; but Fox will fight the Satanic powers of liberal darkness). Megyn worked in the perfunctory trashing of Newsweek when she asked if this proves the theory of the Newsweek article because Laura Ingraham said “this is a bunch of bunk.” Spaulding said that it doesn’t show you “where America is going but where the modern university crowd is going” (Oh, save us from liberal academia!) and that “university students who want to get a job ought to be praying more for their own futures.” (So in addition to news, Fox provides a sermonette). Megyn showed her true Christian faith and right wing partisanship when she editorialized that “it’s pretty amazing that these students on the campus, the Unversity of Maryland, some of them anyway, are fighting to get rid of prayer and fighting like the dickens to get” a movie described as hard core porn to be shown on campus.” (Like you can’t be a Christian and enjoy porn?) Spaulding said this shows what the students are learning and their “confusion” about liberty. (Isn’t pornography legal?). When Kelly said that Fox was attempting to get the University president’s take on the issue, Spaulding chuckled that “I bet that he won’t comment anytime soon.”

Comment: Spaulding lost his bet because the very next day, the University president’s comment was that he was overruling the student senate. The Fox Nation can offer prayers of thanksgiving that the students also “cancelled “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge” after state legislators threatened to cut funding to the institution if the movie was shown.” But this is only a pyrrhic victory in the culture war as this movie is being shown on other campuses as a way to generate discussion of pornography and sexuality – forbidden fruit for the Fox Nation. But the Christian warriors of the Fox Nation can rest easy knowing that God, who banished porno from the University of Maryland, will be in attendance at the graduation!