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Neil Cavuto Claims FOX News Coverage For Tea Parties Same As For Million Man March – But FNC Did Not Exist At Time Of Million Man March

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2009 -

Co-authored by Brian

Neil Cavuto has been defending FOX News' coverage of the upcoming tax day tea parties by repeatedly suggesting that FOX News gave similar coverage to the Million Man March. But the Million Man March occurred October 16, 1995 whereas FOX News was not operating until October 7, 1996, nearly a year later. UPDATED

On yesterday's (April 11, 2009) Cavuto on Business, Cavuto claimed that FOX was only covering the tea parties because of their newsworthiness. Forgetting FOX News' aggressive promotion of the tea parties, Cavuto said, “We do not pick and choose these rallies and protests (to cover). We were there for the Million Man March, even though, as I pointed out, it turned out to be well shy of a million men.” He went on to say that “we were there” for the Iraq war protests (but I'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts, as my mother used to say, that FOX News never gave the Iraq war protests anything like the same kind of promotional effort FNC is giving the tea parties.) … so you see, we really don't decide what popular causes matter.”

On April 8, Cavuto also suggested there had been equivalent coverage of the tea parties and the Million Man March. “We covered (the Million Man March) because we thought it had a worthy message, too.”

And even if FOX News had been around during the Million Man March, I'd be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts again that they would never have given it the same kind of coverage the tea parties are getting.

H/T also to Sean Cotton for the heads up.

UPDATE Huffington Post reports that Cavuto later realized the error and in later segments began noting the distinction between the original Million Man March and the follow up marches which FNC did cover. Apparently, the error was not corrected in the Saturday business show which had been previously taped. The segment with Leslie Marshall, in which he also made the error, was live.