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FOX News Buries Obama Role In Pirate Rescue

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2009 -

FOXNews.com's report on the Navy Seals' daring rescue of the U.S. captain kidnapped by pirates included a statement that, "Vice Admiral William Gortney, Commander of Navy's 5th Fleet, told journalists at the Pentagon Sunday evening a decision was made to take the shots after the pirates were spotted pointing an AK-47 into the back of Captain Phillips." But this story about the successful efforts somehow failed to include buried near the end the information that the mission had been personally approved by President Obama and left out altogether that the resolution was viewed as a victory for him as AP, the FOX News wire service, reported. There was a separate article on FOXNews.com about Obama's role. But it never used the words "victory" or "success." It did, however, mention the "incredible team effort" of the Navy Seals. (H/T reader John M. for the tip) Update: A reader commented that the FOXNews.com article does refer to Obama and indeed it does, near the end, and giving him little credit for the success. So I'm going to change the title of this post to say that FOX buried Obama's role instead of that they left it out.