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Blowing in (with) the Wind

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Dan

Well, it certainly didn't take long for Fox Business' Anchor, Managing Editor, and Lord High Everything Else, Neil Cavuto to compare Somali pirates to Government oversight of companies receiving taxpayer loans or funds. Admittedly, this time of year, one usually thinks of Pittsburgh when one hears the term "Pirates" but Cavuto will stretch any topical story to fit his idea of "business."

In an article on FOXBusiness.com, called, Are We on a Sinking Ship?, Cavuto wrote:

"It's not easy being captain these days. Pirates can seize your boat on the high seas. Bureaucrats can seize your bridge as your trying to navigate those seas."
Cavuto lets us know where we stand right off the bat. Government Bureaucrats seizing American Corporations. But he misses the obvious difference. The Corporations TOOK THE TAXPAYER MONEY.

Cavuto continues, "That's the problem being on the government dole. The government calls the shots. Gets to snoop around your offices. And maybe even close your offices."

And this differs from any other venture capital investor, how? Does Cavuto want us taxpayers to hand over the money without restriction? Does he want no oversight of how the taxpayer dollars are spent? Does he want no limits or lines drawn so the automakers have unlimited access to taxpayer funds? After reading this article I really have no idea what Cavuto is suggesting. Is the Republican Party so bereft of ideas that they are reduced to this? Or did Cavuto just miss a memo or two?

Or is Cavuto just trying to whip up ill-will toward the Obama administration? If that's the case, a comment on that thread from "springer" suggests Cavuto may have succeeded.

"Government bales out all the companies that have stuck it to use for years and run this Country into the ground and there companies, Government sends in overseers to oversea the tax payers money and now there crying foul, typical. I would expect nothing less from these leaches It's not business as usual."

Aside from the obvious over-reliance on spellcheck, this suggests that there is much anger out there. It is less clear where that anger is being directed. But the anger should not be ignored. Neither should hate-mongering.